Analysis of three causes and coping methods of the chain lost

The use of

forum signature is still a lot of stationmaster for the main channel of the construction of the chain, especially can use the anchor text of the chain, the effect is better. But we are doing the signature when many people make a mistake, just like today, we decided to use the word "SKF", but that is not suitable for tomorrow, just another keyword "bearing", we can find that once we replace the signature, then all forum signature we will also change. Lost.

two, ID blocked the chain resulting in loss of

should do when the chain in some large sites, we should try to keep a little, don’t put all the egg is put in a basket, try to use a different account of the construction of the chain, in order to reduce the impact of the account is deleted.

ID is a is a very depressing thing, because we generally do not just an account one or two the chain, if the chain account less was also will not affect too much, if your account is a high rank, a large number of the chain of the account, then it may be because one of your improper operation will lead to the loss of a large number of your site in the chain. As I love Shanghai ID made a lot of experience outside the chain, but one day because of an improper information release, the deleted by the administrator, the results of this account for all the love experience of Shanghai chain was deleted.


response: forum signature >

A Methods:

optimization software to reduce our workload is every optimization of human dream. But we can’t rely on staff as optimization optimization software. Some people want to optimize the convenient chain through the chain group software, may in the beginning you will see the weight and site keywords ranking has improved, because this method can really make our chain, improve the site’s weight, can improve the key word ranking, but the results obtained using this method and not for a long time, the chain of survival is often very short, and when the chain is deleted when your site rankings will be back.

, use the chain group software caused the chain lost

in the course of our optimization, the chain must play the role of each optimization personnel have the experience. However, when we are in the construction of the chain are often blocked, we will encounter, the chain is deleted. The account was closed and so on, in the face of this situation, as the optimization personnel is not depressed, but to find the causes of the chain lost, and look for the solution, then the author will analyze three common causes of the chain lost cause.

: we need to understand the way to deal with optimization and no shortcut, theory and practice have a certain differences. If you are overly dependent on these optimization software, then you optimize the road will become narrower and narrower.

three, forum signature resulted in replacement of the chain lost

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