After the Spring Festival love big update Shanghai data chain sag

love Shanghai, I can not help but remember during the Spring Festival, the quiet life, my website at the end of the day before the holidays were revised in large areas, and there are a lot of mistakes, because the server password is leading change, so I can only look anxious, the slightest effort not so, simply put it no matter, but the whole spring down with sea without any change, my site keywords ranking the error that actually all remain in love before Shanghai three. After the Spring Festival I have been afraid of Shanghai will have a big change, unexpectedly, it came.


February 22, 2011 morning, the first thing to go to work or as usual, the latest web data, to drink the water inside the mouth almost no smoke, want to know why, we look at this group of data will know

This action greatly

snapshot day old, and the reverse link also dropped from more than 2000 to 32, the last one is we the row in front of the website in general but the reverse link weight reached more than 30000 on the web.


this website snapshot has been normal, all is the next update, but today has inexplicably stopped, but the problem is the reverse link from 3360 suddenly yesterday turned 65, I checked the ranking did not change much. So, I quickly view the site of several main keywords ranking has been in front of me


this is ranked as the 6 site in the first place the weight, snapshot, reverse link is also reduced from more than 7000 to 118, the shrinking action can be really big, look at a row in front of me but the weight of 3 of the website


let us wait for a new round of reshuffle ranking. The article reprinted from www.36099贵族宝贝


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