Analysis of landing page optimization errors improve landing page optimization level

third, landing in the chain extension page itself is not set clear. In order to improve the landing page flow rate, the key is to make the landing page to attract users, so that users can stay in the website. So the key point is to raise the landing page and the relevance of search results for the word, then landing page content and a lot of further expansion of the content, and then provide the corresponding extended reading in the landing page, so it can be through one of the chain website allows users to jump on the site, so as to continuously to attract users, improve the conversion rate of flow.

second, the landing page overall interface looks out of order, a number of advertising. This is mainly reflected through advertising to make money optimization strategy in many webmaster, this time for these sites, does not require the traffic conversion rate, as long as there is a flow, and then engage in a lot of pop, to flow to click, so as to obtain the number of clicks, it can make a website before, but this now there is a great risk, because the intelligent algorithm has love Shanghai of this garbage site has shielding function, which is very fast this site would be K.

for web site operators, landing page optimization is very important, because we through optimizing the website ranking, the final purpose is to enhance the flow of the conversion rate, so as to win profit for the website. But now many webmaster in optimization, pay more attention to website ranking optimization, but for the website landing page optimization there is a certain misunderstanding, especially to the long tail keywords to attract users to click into the web page, and in order to get traffic into the landing page optimization, in which the core within the page, there exist a lot of problems, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

for the open question, naturally more serious, not only will let users think this website is a >

first, search the long tail word and landing page keywords are inconsistent. This is mainly reflected in the optimization strategy of many in the title of the party, is the long tail keywords the temptation to attract a large number of users to enter the landing page, but users have found the landing page and search the title of Shanghai love have obvious difference, which often leads to the user’s great anti sense, Scindapsus and now love Shanghai this algorithm there are strict requirements, if you still insist on this optimization, often love Shanghai punishment, or even K station.

fourth, landing page open speed itself exists some problems. Many webmaster is perfect for the optimization is the home page, but also attaches great importance to the home page open speed and there may be open, but the inside pages of the landing page open speed but there are a lot of problems, which is mainly embodied in the speed of opening and open the two aspects of the problem. Open more slowly, it will allow users to have more time to wait, this love by Shanghai search over users, often unbearable. So, to open out already.

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