Discussion why stationmaster net can stand in the leading industry

4, out of the virtual world. And development activities under the line

webmaster net is always user oriented concept to carry out operations, although the best art is not the webmaster nets do but give users the overall feeling is very clean, I believe you often go to the webmaster nets webmaster should have experience like me, on the layout of the article and some advertisements are very reasonable and very humane people feel clear and decent.

webmaster resources but to not have a very chaotic feeling, because these resources are all very detailed classification to distinguish let the webmaster can easily find not let the webmaster have floundered feeling, we can see the webmaster home network classified many columns, each column. Have the latest information of the original content submission every day and some webmaster webmaster circle.

stationmaster net there are many places worth learning and reference to our webmaster and there are many good places here is not one to illustrate, I believe that the webmaster friends all know why this is known to every family can do stationmaster net and he "in the webmaster circle

1, a variety of resources diversity

In fact, too busy to attend to all daily activitiesThe characteristics of


ten owners have nine all know Admin5 station network, now stationmaster net can be said to be the big boss position of the domestic Adsense exchange community and other similar sites are not comparable, so today to talk about why the network owners can in the industry leader.

I believe for a novice webmaster choose Admin5 webmaster to learn is a very good idea, it includes all the information to master the tutorial from the novice to start the tutorial, as long as the way you can find on the Internet and the latest information so webmaster net are absolutely can be found, and these the latest information and resources are released from the station network reproduced out, so webmaster network resources and diversity is very large.

I believe

2, a high degree of user experience

often browse network owners forum webmaster should know there are a lot of offline activities of each forum, or in certain areas of stationmaster party, or is the webmaster organization under the line of technical exchanges and discussion and the recently held the 2011 Hunan Internet webmaster general assembly line, these activities are very meaningful to hold these activities not only increase the degree of user experience is the next line market to open channels called is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

uniform classificationAlthough many

Adsense nets is that there are a lot of daily activities, now more fire activities, 1 yuan money activities, group purchase activities, seckill webmaster novice webmaster training, stationmaster net essay activities, these activities can let many webmaster play a lot of time, and the reward of the activity is also very rich now there are many webmaster in.


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