BBS signature chain is coming to the end of the optimization

dragon in the process of the construction of the chain would mean to the forum to sign "

love Lee of Shanghai clearly pointed out that in the chain on judgment: "join hyperlinks and the use of anchor in the forum of personal signature cheating, speak several times in the Forum (whether or not meaningful), each statement has with hyperlink content." As cheating, and have a negative impact on the website optimization. For the webmaster forum, QQ exchange group in the discussion, BBS signature chain is coming to an end? Especially as Shanghai dragon industry has an important influence on the A5 forum, in 5.3, also officially canceled the forum signature, once the chain of fertile soil can not help but feel a lot of Shanghai dragon to helpless.

is the webmaster forum leader, A5 was the first to sign but not shielding in order to comply with the reform of Shanghai love algorithm, to a certain extent, is to maintain the academic forum webmaster. Remember the 2012 China Ping teacher in the forum said it closed light, to enhance the quality of post operation since the forum is not high, the mainstream of Shanghai Dragon technology have not in-depth development. Many webmaster forum is not as the Shanghai Dragon Technology Exchange, but as the construction of the chain of the ideal, and like A5 Shanghai Longfeng forum, have high weight and high flow in Shanghai, the activity of users and more positive, naturally become an ideal place for the construction of the chain. But the result is that the forum has already lost the learning effect, everyone in the copy and paste the contents inside time, reply is the mechanization of the top, passing, or purely for the signature and consent to answer, even even the content not look directly back, some even cheat by top stick machine no wonder then that means many forums have set the reply time and number of restrictions, in order to effectively deal with the Shanghai dragon is the construction of the chain crazy.

remember the 2012 love Shanghai development Webmaster Platform, many webmaster in novelty and excitement are all disappointed complain love Shanghai webmaster forum can not do the signature of the chain. Many in the industry predict its will in Shanghai love to drive, and before the encyclopedia, library, know, has become the preferred platform for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng chain, and is likely to overtake the popular A5 forum, the forum of stationmaster, become Shanghai dragon new forum platform polymerization. But the result is not due to the webmaster can take signature, lost passion, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is not expected to hot up, the webmaster also just focused on search engine dynamic to see, rarely participate in specific topics and activities. It is in this case, some visionary who have meant to love, are not allowed to sign the Shanghai forum outside the chain, on the one hand is the maintenance of Shanghai love junk the chain’s attacks on the attitude, avoid becoming breeding platform Shanghai Longfeng garbage chain, maintain the health of the search engine technology exchange. On the other hand, is that the webmaster love Shanghai on BBS signature of the chain’s warning, over reliance on the forum signature will not only affect the harmony of the Internet, but also damage the fairness algorithm in a certain extent.

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