Computer information site optimization experience how to improve the quality of the page

computer information involves many aspects, such as computer security, network failure, webmaster experience, the page data enough to have tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. So many articles in the page, can not be set by hand, so it must be completed by the program. But the page keywords and description of program generation not so smart, for example: a router troubleshooting page keywords of the article, how to intercept and set it, can calculate the keywords of the article appeared in the maximum number of words. The tag tag word can also use the page as a keyword, it can learn from the A5 Adsense nets and Chinaz station network. As for the inside pages can be described in the first paragraph of the content interception.

second: stand inside the

it is self-evident importance of improving the whole station a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the quality of the page, you can set the page content, page, repeat three aspects from the page. To own a computer information site as an example, in fact, many pages of website quality is not high, and many articles from the internet. Lead quality station page is not enough, is not easy to be included if you love Shanghai, of course, financial conditions enough, you can collect a lot of high-quality original content. But the amount of the station will be relatively large, so the pseudo original accords with the actual situation. To improve the quality of the page from the following three aspects, increase the chances of being loved by Shanghai, but also to enhance the weight of the inside pages.

, as a personal webmaster, and we have no way to those large sites.

collection of online and offlineA computer security class a lot of content on About computer technology on the Internet site a lot of

Internet, just search can be found, but the content of the relatively high degree of repeat. That is to be reproduced on other websites more times, does not recommend the use of such content, is not easy to love Shanghai included, too much quantity may be down the right to love Shanghai. In fact, in addition to the Internet, and some computer related magazines, such as "computer enthusiast", "computer" etc.. Read the article and then express their own language, even if it is a good original articles, of course, the premise is his understanding of computer knowledge more.



: the first program generated keywords and description of

the last point is how to reduce the repetition of the page, each page can call some random data, such as: the web technology article page, then randomly display some web sites, and other related programming. Many sites are using this method, another method is to add pages of comments. In the initial site operators certainly not much message, but can go to brush some comments, or let others help brush comments. The advantage of reducing repeat page, visitors can also interact with the website, is the best of both worlds.

reduce page repeat degree

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