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now, more and more Chinese entrepreneurs are going overseas, and there are opportunities overseas. Golden Gate Ventures managing partner Paul · Bray Jill said he is interested and very interesting is that technology will affect agriculture and food, this area is a lot of old enterprises, over the past few decades have not changed, if the introduction of technology will be very interesting. For example, he has been focusing on Africa and has made progress in many ways.

as China’s Internet veterans, Ctrip is also looking for opportunities. Carry Cheng COO, Sun Maohua says, "carry Cheng also to have investment department, we also are very enthusiastic look for a few poineering opportunity, can invest not only, also can use the existing resource of carry Cheng to undertake incubation." The sun that there are two categories of investment projects, the first is there are many industries need to be found if the transformation of information technology, an information can depression, information transformation of traditional industries, is well worth the investment, such as the v-mobile bicycle is such. Second, some large companies have huge traffic, based on big data, AR and other applications in the new company, may also bring great value.

"I feel that capital is now rational, and that the temperature is right."." Hungry founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao said that in the past two years, a lot of capital market Chinese too crazy, including a lot of private capital, P2P, may be a little professional degrees are not added to the venture capital, the past is overheating, now back a little. In addition, many of the pseudo demand in the past venture capital projects touted, and now fewer and fewer good projects.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

although O2O has been regarded as a huge trap, Zhang Xuhao believes that, in the O2O field, many high frequency and just need the application scenarios will be subverted in the future.

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winter capital went to the new venture capital industry? What is it? In addition to artificial intelligence, AR, VR, what new opportunities? March 23rd, foreign investors and entrepreneurs in a sub forum Boao forum for Asia annual conference 2017 on the debating.

Breyer capital founder and CEO Jim · Blair is known as "the king of VC", he invested in Facebook in 2005, Facebook listed, he made a lot of money. Jim · Blair believes that both Silicon Valley and Chinese, AR, machine learning is a good investment opportunity, which will be at Chinese and American Internet, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other aspects of the investment of billions of dollars this year. The world’s top universities, such as MIT, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, doctoral student in the virtual reality for the medical industry competition, he is very optimistic about.

capital return to rational investors, entrepreneurs from the money hungry? So far total financing amounted to 2 billion dollars, Zhang Xuhao entrepreneurs to put forward.


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