A letter addressed to friends who make money through the nternetHow to plan online advertising

This time

  on Internet advertising, non industry personnel may not really understand the industry! Network advertising planning must not be the same to the traditional advertising, creative performance and simple information dissemination! So the network advertising should be planning their own process of



every day to see the forum, abnormal hot scenes, see the beginner desperately looking for ways to earn profits but can not find the way to make money lost, see them every day, operation onhook software a few cents a few dollars income, see many beginner cheated, I think, this society how in order to make money, can make so many people lose a sober mind, even lost? I really want to help them, so I have to write a letter to the beginner’s idea,

 :     select the target audience for advertising; in short, determine your network advertising, hopefully who will come and determine which group, which class, and which region they are. Only by allowing the right users to participate in advertising information activities can advertising effectively achieve its goals.
      advertising investment is not more money, sometimes is precisely the opposite! Advertising investment is wrong, the equivalent of not so cast pearls before swine!! be sure the target population!
      for example, a customer wants to promote a variety of websites, I helped him the home page advertising investment in the 20 big flow related forums! Because people here are relatively active, and also has a stable population! Two weeks later, traffic on the fly! So I helped him removed most of the ads on the site and needle! Page, the website features columns, advertising!

advertising exchange!


comments: this phase I is a pure Internet novice, Daniel, pay attention to the daily attention this Daniel, after reading their articles full of excitement., but eager for a fight, do not know how to start, and now many of these networks are on the big white, the teacher every day, but still did not earn a penny through the internet.

is in the second half of the 09 year, that time I have been to a occupation technical school as a teacher, I had 2 sites, one is the film site, a local forum, the latest video after every thing is the class update forum, updated website, and then to the website promotion forum, group, Post Bar, busy every day, tired, but still did not pass.

do Wangzhuan Longjie Wu the earliest can be traced back to 09 years, just graduated from that time, and we like to find a job every day, finally find a training school network to do, then every day after work to the bookstore to see about Wangzhuan knowledge, which is the most memorable reading about DNSPod founder Wu Hongsheng. Caoz Cao Zheng, endto Tao Qiufeng, see the big success on the Internet, let me more convinced that through the Internet must embark on a road of their own.

second stage: site phase


      2, advertising can be a very good site to bring visibility! As long as your site content is good, not afraid to keep the audience’s attention! High visibility, even after not advertising, you will find that your website traffic will increase steadily this is! The popularity of the website improves! In other words, is to increase the intangible assets of the company’s

      1, the most basic function of advertising is to the website can bring a lot of traffic, so that advertising, it is no ground for blame want your site get a lot of traffic, and for effective visits after their own advertising how to get more of the! This requires adjust the advertising strategy of the

      3, advertising is conducive to the promotion of product turnover, bring the customer for the company, because the site not only brings traffic, and increase the visibility! Plus good products, the realization of online transactions has become inevitable, as the saying goes, no open shop to pay the total salt! Return! Of course our ultimate goal is to make money

      secondly, what kind of people do I put on the ad? It must make sure that the target audience is

      first of all, to determine the purpose of launching online advertising;

with the development of the Internet, more and more cases of personal success through the Internet, it is more and more people want to through the Internet, and even the first pot of gold to earn extra money to earn the life, but the more eager to make money, the more gullible, online ninety percent Wangzhuan is a lie, you see a Wangzhuan project recently each big Wangzhuan forum Putian cover most of the fire, they increase their income through the brush Alipay, Alipay every few minutes to increase revenue, which in fact is deceived users of Alipay in the money into their account inside, there is no such a good thing, through the brush Alipay can increase revenue, if possible, that they opened their own tens and hundreds of Alipay account brush on the hair, not to mention such a large company to Alipay Don’t know, but every day there are many novice friends deceived, really worry about them, for their own Wangzhuan Longjie Wu below us about the experience, on the one hand, we can refer to reference, on the other hand can make many detours,

! !

stage 1: Cult stage

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