Stationmaster must see Make money website resource pasteVC an old Traveller piercing eye Xu Xiaopin

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the company must have a UK bank account we can go to the forum asking who had a UK bank account can be rented, which can do a lot of companies, the key is the inside of the CPC has a lot of, I will apply to the VC advertising 0.15 pounds of CPC

said operation method you are novice to apply for comprehensive advertising companies such that after the first general find around $1 registered to see how to do with the money and operation plus the money after the first few accounts each do just enough to pay and see is not giving you money or not you K K the general attention in general no problem what COOKIE cleaning agent

this very good reputation is not supported Chinese

the company only received the gold old big ticket site is now unable to apply to the account you can write to ask how to apply

technology venture to understand the Scriptures: entrepreneurial opportunity, dare to eat crab is not necessarily able to survive, may also die


"piercing eye" Xu Xiaoping: I can see the market demand of

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan


for entrepreneurs, this is one of the best times, and this is one of the worst times. While the Internet hot, mobile Internet is full of vigour, entrepreneurs huixiu flocking, investment events, riches myth staged continuously present a national entrepreneurship, on the other side there are failures, business losses, group purchase policy, regulatory tightening businesses facing the fracture of funds, management issues such as lack of fun and is a map of signs of danger appearing everywhere. Perhaps, as Yang Ning said, entrepreneurship is permanent, because it can bring real value to society. How to avoid in this venture Nuggets road shot in the die, this is all entrepreneurs want problems in today’s China returnees entrepreneurial leaders summit, Xu Xiaoping, Yang Ning, Gan Jianping and Chen Datong in "my side of the returnees entrepreneurs Roundtable, about his entrepreneurial experience. We can look at once these entrepreneurs, "an old traveller" experience, what are they still scared or lucky? "The way to steal an old traveller"


Xu Xiaoping, an old traveller in the still water runs deep this, talking about his entrepreneurial experience, feel that he seems to be a pair of Sun Wukong’s piercing eye. According to him, the original business, there is no business model, do not know what to do. At that time Yu Minhong New Oriental time already very big, he taught at New Oriental, chat with students, many students get a scholarship to get a visa, or get a high score to get scholarship, this problem is very serious, a lot of student achievement is very high, but did not apply, or Harvard Scholarship is not with others dealing with. He found that students really need to go abroad, in the discovery of such a huge market, only to seize the opportunity to do visa counseling, study abroad advice.

in Yang Ning’s view, the risk of entrepreneurship is not money, the external environment and the like, but the company’s founder, that is, the company CEO. "If the company CEO is in the water, you have more cash on your account and no more money," Yang Ning said sharply.

Chen Datong "very scared thing" to describe his experience of spreadtrum. According to him, at the beginning of 2000 when Spreadtrum international 3G standard, just through the international 3G mobile phone company was founded on a dozen. The results later, Chen Datong found that in addition to all of the dead outside spreadtrum. Chen said that their reasons for survival were:

entrepreneurship scriptures: find the demand.


Chen Datong: "surviving" down to earth

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