18 ingenious cooking inventions you need in your kitchen immediately

first_img18. And finally, this board that weighs as you chop Source: transformdhTake our money, great scholars. Take all of it9 futuristic inventions we were promised but never got>17 wonderful inventions to solve all your first world problems> COOKING AND THEN eating is just so hard sometimes. These clever utensils and appliances can make it all easier.You’re welcome, world.1. This innovative evolution of the simple ice-pop maker Source: Imgur2. Who needs the wheel when you’ve got an instant pancake machine? Source: Imgur3. Never cook too much pasta again with the help of this measuring wheel Source: Natalie Rogers4. Or, if you could eat a horse, just go for it Source: Reykjavik Corner Store5. JIF? Goodbye, sir Source: Imgur6. Take the proper steps to avoid the horror of only being left with a soggy middle slice Source: Imgur7. Can’t resist a nibble? Use this piece of Godly equipment to keep the cake’s shape after a quick taste Source: Quirky8. Never suffer from uneven herb distribution again Source: Cooksgarden9. This counter-top solves all of your crappy chopping disposal needs Source: Imgur10. Tong gloves, where have you been all our lives? Source: Amazon11. The only utensil needed for those sad Koka dinners Source: Pinterest12. Oreo dippers, for those who like to keep their fingers out of the milk13. The holy grail of multi-grain14. No, we can’t. Breakfast perfection15. Goodbye unsightly coffee rings16. Turning a guilty pleasure in to ‘just good sense’ Source: Pinterest17. Corn, eh? It’s nice on the cob but you need it for a salad…last_img

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