Samsung definitely not interested in buying webOS

first_imgThere was a lot of buzz last week about Samsung being a possible suitor for HP’s webOS, either as a licensee or even to buy the ex-Palm mobile operating system. Samsung’s CEO Choi Gee Sung has, however, cast aside any doubts about his company’s level of interest at IFA 2011 as far as an acquisition goes: it’s zero. Choi’s sentiment was echoed by a Samsung spokesperson back in Seoul as well, so it’s clearly not just a personal opinion.Choi takes issue with the “trend” of mobile tech companies acquiring an OS — which we can assume is an obvious poke at both HP and RIM (who purchased QNX) and probably even a subtle elbow in Google’s ribs for acquiring Android back in 2005. He also assures that Samsung is working much harder on stepping up its software game than those outside the company might think.That Choi and Samsung genuinely aren’t interested in buying webOS shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The company enjoyed a very successful launch of its own Bada OS and has received solid reviews so far for its first batch of Bada 2 smartphones. Would Samsung really want to shuffle developer resources from its own creation to learn someone else’s mobile OS inside-out, maintain it, and support it going forward? No.Would Samsung still be interested in licensing webOS? Possibly. If Samsung’s concerns about the Google/Motorola deal one day lead it to shy away from Android, webOS might be an interesting alternative — provided someone else wants to take care of its development. Samsung is already looking after Bada internally, but it’s making good money on smartphones with licensed OSes like Windows Phone that other companies are looking after.Read more at Bloomberglast_img

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