PV alliance wants media CommissionerSee 90 team how to Trader fun community 7 days millions of PV

promotion we also tried many methods, such as sh419 Post Bar to post, but the ads can easily be found, and the contents and pictures of every post need not the same, otherwise the post will fail, so the artificial time cost greatly. For example, to mass advertising, will soon be kicked out, and your number will be marked "the user has recently been repeatedly reported by other groups or clean-up", so marketing this road is difficult to go.

now more and more entrepreneurial team will WeChat as an important marketing position, and to seek a large number of fans, how to disseminate content targeted and quickly attract user attention, is troubled by many companies difficult. Fox cat APP marketing executives to hunt cloud contributions to share their own in 7 days to capture the attention of 50 thousand users, 7 days PV million results of practical experience, for the industry reference:

finally our team to the relative attention to WeChat, WeChat up, actually is not mature enough, there are many loopholes can let the entrepreneurial team drill, such as WeChat group as long as I get the two-dimensional code does not need permission to join him, and even if you are the main group and will not be marked off the blacklist, can continue to add group. Want to have a good marketing effect on WeChat, the key is sharing, your content as long as there are a lot of people to participate in interactive sharing, basically marketing is even more successful.




everybody saw the title of the article is that this is a bluff, a long and minute statement copious and fluent, ha ha. But Never mind, to introduce myself, my name is Yang Yang, is now the cat fox APP head of marketing, like everyone else, have seen a lot of APP promotion and WeChat public number fans up articles, the results are some of the simple popular encyclopedia, not much value, and even see a good dry cargo in fact, there is no replicability, big companies behind the investment of manpower, small teams simply can not afford. I told you today about my own hands-on experience. Within 7 days, the number of WeChat public’s fans increased by more than 50 thousand.

a chance at a technical group inside to see someone in the share "2015 new year signed" activities, I vaguely remember these days a lot of people in my circle of friends to share their new year after opening the sign, I also participated in a "

Author: Fox cat APP co-founder, marketing leader Yang Yang, WeChat: 2968822049

PV Alliance for media published: 2007-09-26
1, purchasing personal site advertising, network advertising to negotiate cooperation;
2, establish and maintain cooperative relations with individual owners put long-term advertising; job requirements:
1, have a certain understanding of the Internet, with Internet advertising some knowledge, have some knowledge of personal website operation;
2, have a certain relationship webmaster circle, do website />3,
Education: college degree or above
Tel: 0571-89923500
network address: pv.cn/introduce/job.html

cat fox APP is an erotic voice sharing community, is our first venture team, fun industry is not allowed to advertise, so marketing has always been our most troublesome problem, we apply to marketing a WeChat public number: humao365. Mainly in the hope that the WeChat side of our APP marketing go out, after all, now the highest user activity of APP is WeChat.

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