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in choosing a major, I was thinking, my parents are doing scientific research, and I have done a lot of scientific research since childhood, I think I want to do something different. I was very envious of the Xerox lab in the United States at that time, and we knew that many of Jobs’s things were made by Xerox labs, including the mouse and graphical interfaces. At that time, such a research institute was great. Because the Xerox Co was very profitable at that time, so you keep such a laboratory, you just do something, you do not have to think about other things. I was thinking, if I can open a very large company, I also support scientists in scientific research, you are not what you do not have to pay, you can do research papers, you want to do, I offer you the resources, I give you the best equipment. So I wanted to do it at this time. It was idealistic to be a very good enterprise and to provide a research institute to do it. So when I submit to Jiaotong University, I choose >

Teambition is a simple and efficient project collaboration platform. Committed to helping small and medium entrepreneurial teams, research and development institutions, educational training institutions or student groups, the use of Teambition platform to reduce communication costs and improve efficiency. Teambition started in 2013 June, and in 2013, won the Gobi venture capital of several hundred million A round of financing, so far, the platform has more than one hundred thousand projects.

I think I’m naturally a fear of death, when I started to have the concept of death, I began to worry that one day died and what did not leave, so I want to start, I think this is a way to play the greatest value.

because my father is a university professor, so I grew up with a love project, also participated in many scientific research small in the youth. In junior high school, we participated in a biological study at the Institute of immunology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an improved experiment called enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA. When the high school experience richer, biological study on the one hand, called sex identification methods of psittacine birds; in the school set up a club called the campus energy consumption monitoring Institute, about global warming. When I was young, I was able to report to Shanghai Jiaotong university.

this is a very young team, I horse in an interview with Teambiton, see the founder and CEO Qi Junyuan Qi Junyuan, born in 1990, is a typical 90, full of youthful vitality and idealism, valuable is that was once a rich research experience of the young scientists. In an interview, Qi Junyuan told us about our growing experiences and pioneering stories, and shared with us the joys of Teambition and the vision of this growing project. The following is Qi Junyuan’s dictation:

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research background but choose entrepreneurship

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