With both hands Microsoft allows the Office suite to listen to your voice commands and act as a tra

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used to play only music speakers, combined with voice recognition and other technologies, shake the body into a small family assistant. Microsoft did so, and they do the speakers Harman Kardon cooperation, launched with Microsoft artificial intelligent voice assistant Cortana smart speakers Invoke.


now Microsoft wants to extend its borders with voice enabled Office suite for its major revenues".

, here’s a couple of explanations for the Tencent. There’s a reason why it didn’t pay attention to the browser. The company Gene decided the center of the Tencent

Dictata also allows the Office suite to become a translation officer". It supports more than 20 kinds of spoken languages, and can be translated into 60 languages in real time. It means that when you need English documents, you can do almost anything with your mandarin.

a few days ago, in Guangzhou with a friend about his business plan nouveau riche, feel today the mobile Internet has little hope, despair everywhere everywhere, just think that a big opportunity, the old people have been found in the office. In the end, there is a consensus that, on the mobile Internet, the control of big companies is actually stronger than on PC. Many can not do business on the PC, in the mobile terminal, BAT instead made, such as the recent Tencent security, sh419 maps.


is known as the problems mentioned, as a basic software, browser in the world is dominated by Microsoft and two giant shlf1314, Firefox and Opera belong to a niche product, but Chinese situation reversed, from the PC to the mobile phone, BAT browser are soy sauce instead of level 360 and UC has been in a dominant position, more and more strong, and from the 360 and UC experience, the browser is also a profitable thing, why China Internet giant did not do

happened to be in the know yesterday saw an article from the PC to the mobile phone, why China Internet giants are not ready? "The son, took the opportunity to do some sort of browser to this point, talk about the" game "and the giant face.

but the voice operation for Microsoft not unheard of, prior to Office 365 or Office 365 Online supports dictation, built-in Microsoft Windows system also supports voice, which is behind the Nuance Dragon speech recognition solutions for support.

is also a technology giant who integrates dictation technology, as well as shlf1314.

is currently only available for Office 32 bit and 64 bit, and requires users in Windows 8.1 or later, Office 2013 or later, and.Net, Framework, 4.5.0, or later.

uses the same speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence as the voice assistant Cortana, including Bing, Speech, API and Microsoft Translator.

in China, "how to avoid the giant’s edge" is that entrepreneurs must learn to develop a basic survival skills. Successful people such as PC era thunder, 360, UC on mobile Internet, 91. The reason why they succeed, because they are surrounded by giant business environment, relying on core business to survive, and earned himself a space for one person. Therefore, there are many valuable information in the process of game playing between these companies and giants, which deserves a new batch of entrepreneurs to learn and wake up.

2015, Go>

in fact, the Internet is like this, because there is no absolute sense of the giant monopoly, although the product is rich two generations, the real thing to participate in market competition, not the reasons for the success of only two, one is that you don’t pay attention to, the two is the opponent is too strong.

relatively speaking, Dictate is relatively narrow in scope and can only be used for Office. But it supports commands such as "line feed", "stop dictation", "input" and other punctuation and action instructions. Want to manually add punctuation or when you’re talking, let the software punctuate itself. You can also move the cursor and modify the text by voice.

as early as 2000, Tencent released its first version of the TT browser, when its biggest highlight was support for multi page browsing, the same as previous MyIE. Unfortunately, the Tencent is to solve the problem of existence, in addition to , it is more willing to put these shorter chain show, games, money faster, so the TT browser has always existed, but always in the Tencent product line periphery, lack of investment, the product is also more competitor on the following function, after 2011, the TT browser is no longer updated version, after the team was incorporated into MIG, a mobile phone browser is a subsidiary of products.

when the voice from the role of human and human to undertake the transfer of the role of jumping off, and turn into a communication between people and things bridge, imagination space also widened.


Microsoft experimental research and development team Microsoft Garage today launched a new project Dictate, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint and other Office programs combined use. Once the Dictate is installed, typing will be over, and voice dictation will be replaced by speech that can then be translated into text.

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