Dare to face the failure of entrepreneurship in several stagesThe application of treasure entreprene


third stages: emotional

The recent two moves by

‘s most notable feature is, of course, "small programs."". Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, explained: "this is an application that does not need to be downloaded or installed. Users can open it by scanning or searching.". The concept of "run out of use" is also implemented, and users do not have to worry about the problem of installing too many applications. Applications will be ubiquitous and ready to use, but need not install uninstall.

we all know that failure is the mother of success, but few people would dare to face failure, summarize the failure, they tend not to be defeated in this matter, but failed in successfully before the dawn of time, they chose to give up, to deny the past efforts; the love nest to give you a summary of several stages may experience failure:


"gravity of flux"

small programs and application treasure trying to solve the problems faced by start-up companies. For example, you do not need to hire a large number of highly paid programmers, skip the different mobile client to do a lot of compatibility adaptation work, and even avoid the high cost of obtaining traffic. But all this needs to be based on Tencent platform.

Tencent may not be as chicken as you think". Five years ago, Ma Huateng’s eyes open is "no boundaries, open sharing of new Internet Ecology", he repeatedly stressed that the Tencent will take "half life" partner to focus on basic water coal connection service. Now he will mention the "lone tree forest hard", called on everyone to build and open forest. The Tencent official data show that as of 2016, more than 30 companies were listed on the Tencent platform, with a total market capitalization of more than 300 billion partners, and third parties with a total revenue of more than 16 billion.

second stages: never admit mistakes,

Tencent have attracted strong attention among the entrepreneurial community. Because this may change their fate.

fourth stages: slowly accept the failed roles

the first stage: success comes and goes,

these two details are just a microcosm of Tencent and start-up companies get along. In its open platform, there are many such as drops, Jingdong such mature companies, because of the support and help of the Tencent, the security distance between the two sides where, they can not escape.

some entrepreneurs insist on their own direction as the company’s strategic layout, lack of considerate consideration. To the problem before the root of the problem is not clear, do not consider from the original direction, blindly put the error in other people, thinks he is in the right direction, the other is his thing messed up. To the capital when problems arise, take responsibility to investors, investors should think again for more money came in and allows the company to change danger into safety this is the entrepreneur, a fatal mistake, never admit a mistake!

so the problem is, Tencent is helping entrepreneurs to reduce the threshold and cost of entrepreneurship, or in the name of open, so that more users stay on their own platform,

Ma Huateng is in the top

when you are trying to get some success in a small stage, there will be dizzy with success feeling, often mistake here to start. For example, a team spent two or three years developing a new product, the angels of all ages, the lack of financing, some strategic thinking entrepreneurs will spend the money to set up his own company, a beautiful office decoration, to start a large-scale recruitment, such amazing behavior does not burn in the one or two year, the company began to financial problems, layoffs, bankruptcy, team disband problems often occur, and then recall the past success, everything is nothing, the old feeling of the bad things should not happen in their own body, the real origin of all problems are the reasons why

, in contrast, Tencent’s other action is not as hot as a small program, but the core proposition behind it is as sharp. Received 3 million 500 thousand applications, the day developed 200 million application treasure, version 7 will add a AI and cloud based robot capabilities, you will not download the next drop, you can also call the car in the application treasure. This robot is a life helper for ordinary people. You can eat everything you want and call a car.

when the failure has become a foregone conclusion when the negative face, the lack of an optimistic attitude to turn things around. The evening meal began to sleep, to sleep during the day, the sun was up to. For all their efforts, a total negation of the original struggle against the industry, began to complain about this, complaining about that. For example, some entrepreneurs are doing shopping sharing community, sh419 has been shut out, every day in the heart and maintenance of website promotion, why sh419 has not included my website, why other stations do so poorly is included, why do I have to ask why, always ask yourself the air. Will not look for reasons to find a solution.

, that is to say, entrepreneurs can choose not to be their own APP, WeChat application number is dialogue with users positions. Overnight, "small program", "tyrant screen", and even entrepreneurs believe that it will affect the whole of China and even the world’s application development patterns and strategies.

, who rely on Tencent ecological entrepreneurs voice heart is what? In the pattern of BAT without loosing the case, how do they think the

used for a period of time after they began to appear lazy, the reason why calm thinking will fail, in fact, the emergence of this situation has been improved, but many entrepreneurs are very easy to fall into around second and third stages, start accountability what things are no good, as a the entrepreneurs themselves did not do that "


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