PlayStation 2 Is Still Going Strong

first_imgThe PlayStation 2 might be outdated today after being around for 11 years, but fans are still buying the console as if it were still brand new. Sony released its first quater sales and the PlayStation 2 is still doing well. At times in the past couple of years, the PS2 sales have actually been higher than the PlayStation Portable.Back in 2006, PlayStation 2 was supposed to be phased out by Sony, in order to make room for the younger console PlayStation 3. Sony must have changed its mind, because the company is still building older console and release games. In all, Sony has sold more than 150 million units.While this is good news for Sony, stores may have to make more room for the PlayStation 2 game titles that manage to help expand the console’s lifetime. What is the lesson learned here? Newer doesn’t always mean better.Via Gizmodolast_img

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