Cheap CN domains dreams cruelty and reality

doesn’t know whether the government is promoting the CN domain name or to get rid of the domain name server’s reliance on American domain name resolution.

CN domain name dropped to one dollar a, and some still 50 fen. This cheap domain name really is very popular with personnel from all walks of life, a time we rush about telling the news around spreading. As a result, various people have begun desperately registering CN domains. The reason is simple. The Internet can make money. From the small business started QQ, to destroy countless aspiring youth grand. People’s ears from rape to Taobao, dozens of billionaires listed rash and too much in haste to create Baidu. In addition, the number of Chinese Internet users reached two hundred million. Seems to be telling people a message, twenty-first Century is the Internet age, the network can give people a huge wealth. Various media reports on various networks to create wealth, it is to let people believe the network making the rich mythology. Many companies involved in the Internet, personal station number is multiplied all the way. CN domain name cabbage price is to help up the momentum.

in this environment, several are engaged in IT work, but also a little understanding of technical IT, people want to make money through the network. I am also in this environment has opened my dream of a station through the network to Amoy gold. Looking forward to a better future, but after opening for some time, I found the road was not very easy to walk. No traffic, nothing. New sites in order to have high flow will do promotion, will burn money, if for our small station for this, the original life is not rich, do stand in order to make money, which have what money to burn?. So I think of ways to promote it all day. The original passion was slowly polished. The only thing left is frustration. But there are dreams, there is hope, I believe that only in the flow will persist. Even after no results, but also try to try. Look at the effect in three months. Finally, I hope you flow more webmaster.

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