nternet business success four improve the function of the site easier to use

operation is the key to the continuous growth of the site. Only the detailed and unique planning and implementation of the content of the website, coupled with the necessary operations, can the website be in an invincible position in the competition.

1. Quickly enrich content for new sites,

two, to avoid copying the practical content of anti-theft method

three, content integration, production site map,

four, forum moving software quick transfer data

five prevents web content from being stolen

six, say no to domain name,

More than

content details can be found in the "Internet business success" (four): to prevent web content from plagiarism reading.

seven, make your website style change over time,

now there are a lot of website style switching function, but usually only by manually click the template for personal websites or niche characteristics similar sites, if can be adjusted automatically according to the website style, such as the fresh page template in the daytime, and display the black tone style at night, it will give visitors a find everything fresh and new feeling. In this way, it is easy for users to remember your site, but also highlights the site’s "personality", the following to introduce the implementation method.

1.ASP web site style code

for the use of the ASP framework for the website, you can directly use the following ASP code, you can achieve the website style changes with time effect, is directly in the ASP program < head> /head> < adding the following code label:

< link rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css" href=" < if% hour (now) < 12 then response.write " morning.css" elseif; hour (now) < 17 then  response.write " day.css"   else    response.write " night.css"   end if%> " />


, where morning.css represents the stylesheet file displayed during the day, and night.css is the style of the night display, only the production of different CSS files.

Style changes in

2.PHP sites

if you are using the PHP shelf >

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