Xinjiang has a monthly income of 5000 students out of school website

I’m a sophomore. Although it’s now a new era in the 2009, I don’t know, understand and contact computers very early. It was an Internet cafe for students who had gone to school and went to school last semester. It was my age, but it was small. I didn’t want to be an adult. Luckily my friend and Internet cafe owner was familiar with it and said, "give me an hour to let me go.". I felt curious when I was surfing the Internet for the first time, but I didn’t do anything, and I didn’t remember what I did. However, this is silly to sit for an hour to let me crazy in love with computer, the Internet — I will open the web site. This is in my junior high school when the computer class asked the teacher, and then never go to the net.

high three this Internet, let me go to the Internet cafe every day after school, why? The reason is very simple, I am very introverted, in real life rarely make friends, so I like to chat online exchanges. Most did not know at first registered QQ, blog, personal homepage and so on, can not remember what is the first page, domain name seems to contain "yes"! I had the Sina blog every day to write the Sina blog, at that time very crazy, within your world all vent in the Sina blog and, after a whoop and a holler his own blog, increase the click rate. I remember once my friend wrote a poem, he felt good, then I feel very general, then I immediately compose a poem immediately published in my Sina blog, then a lot of email to tell all users to let them see the poem is good, I finally visited more than twice as high as he! He sincerely convinced, oh, this can’t explain what I know is, after all, is my blog, I put my first poem on the home page top, so many traffic is not OK, for him is not fair. Blog is still here, just looked at the total amount of visits for 116611, blog is, has been a long time, no update, do not want to manage, and hobbies shifted.

later played 51, QQ space, and lots of other blogs, but none of them were interesting. At that time, surfing the Internet was blogging, reading friends’ blogs, and nothing else. I don’t play games, one day I look at the blog, suddenly saw a "use blog to make the blog, and then read after the study began to wonder, after a period of study finally understand what is the meaning of that is put on the blog advertising code, and then click the volume of payment. I’ve been working on these things ever since.

high school is a nervous even the space of solidification of the school year, next semester is not to mention the flying white papers, they could read, with no place to install the case I still go to the cafe, in addition to the play popkart in did not play any other games. Is now kart is not playing, is playing under the QQ speed, but rarely played, once a month to three >!

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