Webmaster how did you update your website

Hello, I am 38pc net station I was the eldest son of books, and everyone xiankan, talk about their superficial understanding of something, interested friends can join together, the theme is "the research of the personal webmaster grassroots webmaster, is how to update your own website?"

first I ventured to "network" the old man of a definition: the network is the pot luandun. Out of order and colorful, is called him Luandun, can be said as the network hodgepodge trait decision. As a kind of network, the party’s Square, circle is round, the network no rules or regulations, the owner of their own, can be said that no one can really dominate it, Ma, Ma Huateng, Robin Li can not…… It’s hard to say, this guy is trying to dominate, huh?… Want to eat this pot Luandun network, also really aimed to eat, pick your love to eat, is aimed at the characteristics of the user, so do the search engine to help you pick out the things you love


network be a part of the pioneer, of course there is a greater number of pioneer down on the side of the road, now there are more entrants — personal webmaster! They are like bees, tireless work hard, but they are not like the bees of the elite teams. So we created all these countless webmaster, webmaster, a multitasker! It can be said that all the staff role a normal operation of the network in the company, he supported a person! "" but this phrase is not weak in it. How does one update the site and enrich the content of the site?

I don’t have the capacity to investigate China webmaster is how to update, so can not come up with specific data, but I guess by ~ ~ "acquisition" live webmaster is absolutely the most! Or artificial collection, collection rules collection, collection and so on. Because of the employees, in the network collection site too much, causing the child network become more and more unusual, often make out of things, so it seems the original thing is how precious! So Baidu search engine will pay so much attention to the original, such as the original base station network can be so grow! Here together with the number of original owners; to the original, and the murder of many webmaster brain cells ah, no way, who let us in this link to a website seventy-two, became the Secretary of


back to the "collection" of this "work" link, I think the acquisition of 2, is in serious sense, the first acquisition is something creative acquisition! This kind of webmaster is more serious and responsible, have personal thoughts, they did not see the information on your private heap! They have a choice, choose the essence of things, then they rearrange, I feel that the acquisition will help the users to watch, because after all, who can wash out mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, gold, we think who means high! (but this is entirely from the human the angle to do positive evaluation, search engine can not see it, ha ha). Bi >

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