Peng Hongwei the network promotion needs innovation but must be conservative

A few days ago,

wrote an article "innovation is small B2C’s way out" Bowen, after a friend asked me, network promotion method is also should innovation? In fact about the network promotion means the problem of innovation, since June to resign to do studio, customers often have told me about this problem. Some customers who come to consult the network promotion business will always ask me a question, that is, what will you do to promote it?. When I told some of the promotional tactics that the studio took, the other party would reply, "your methods are so common, but what’s new?"". When I heard such an answer, I could not help but reply, "no!"".

we often read Mou Changqing’s blog friends should know, he once said in a blog post this sentence: "don’t want to promote innovative methods to promote what the existing methods to achieve the ultimate, you can even do a good network marketing personnel". In fact, he did not say this sentence, we should go to the rule of law, the step-by-step promotion of these existing methods for me. But let us put these promotion methods to achieve the ultimate, the so-called extreme, as the biggest effect of these promotion methods, the same way, you can do others can not do, this is a kind of innovation.

reading the blog comments today, find a friend to me "Peng Hongwei: network promotion of the implementation of the details in the" comment: "when Voices of discontent. The promotion is not practical forum, the reason is not post too much, it is difficult to set the top posts moderator, ask not also can get a lot of search. Friendship is almost another m people, unless you are able to flow to the station, now I think only the key words and some advertising, but it is only temporary, I really do not know how to continue to do so. "It took a lot of energy, but I couldn’t find the way," he said. In fact, he said there is some truth, and now these promotion, you want to get immediate results, may be more difficult than in previous years, increased by more than 100 times. For example, the current BBS promotion, has not been used as a direct access to traffic promotion means, and now more is used in products, brands, characters, events and other aspects of the promotion. Is not the friend said, it is difficult to obtain the top post, from our implementation of the situation, each have a top and add this effect. Can you get on top, add, and the quality of post, forum and version area selection combination set.

again, the friend said that the question and answer promotion, in fact, the question and answer promotion is now one of the few can directly bring traffic promotion means. If you insist on making the best answers every day, it will take you a steady amount of traffic every day for a long time. There are some special network hot words Q & a promotion, people can get traffic every day is very impressive. In addition, there are some special questions and answers, search keywords, ranking questions and answers, the promotion of some keywords to cover questions and answers search

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