Marx founder Zhou Tao talk about personal Adsense how to do movie station

Hello, I’m Marx, founder of Zhou Tao. I’m glad to talk to you here about how to make a movie station. First of all, I’d like to talk about why you choose to be a movie station. I remember 03 years ago I began to do the station, all kinds of have tried, when it was pure interest, the film station is one of the traffic done well, and later I chose to develop film sites.

is half the time I didn’t do what station, what are you doing, what you want to do in the station is more promising, rather than short-term garbage station, thought a lot, also asked many webmaster friends together to discuss, the results still did not result in the past six months.

I think more than tens of thousands of grassroots webmaster, what industry station should have been done, you want to find a breakthrough point is what others have done really hard, even if a person can be found, so there are so many brothers can find? The answer is yes, unlikely, now as the Internet gradually standardized, possibility flourishes very small, want to create a industry is also very difficult, and always thinking, not as hot to do first, advanced into the station of the circle, to look for opportunities in practice.

Internet is undoubtedly the most popular entertainment industry, movies, games, music, film and television, as the video, I want to at least have accounted for more than half of Internet traffic, you can not play the game, you can listen to music, but I rarely encountered not watch movie, so this is a very popular the demand, rather than unpopular industries such as search, a popular industry to do. This is the first point, why choose to do the movie station, summed up is a sentence: because it is hot enough, traffic comes quickly enough, easier to retain people.

second, this is the second reason, because it’s important, what can be done, and what can not be done,

MAX has about one hundred thousand of the film owners, I have seen all kinds of webmaster friends, high profile, low-key, conservative, there are not afraid of death. So this one, I want to remind you seriously, brothers, you can do illegal, illegal do not do, because as far as I know, several brothers have gone in, and this is too expensive.

third is the copyright problem, in recent years the copyright problem in the industry is also speculation was bustling, today who is the defendant, the defendant who tomorrow, of course, to others will become the defendant, it is not fresh.

then as a webmaster do not really need to worry about this problem, in fact, this problem in my view is very bad to say, you don’t worry about it, many owners have received infringement of the mail, and even received a lawyer’s letter, worry, so many webmaster, do so many years also. Moreover, doing great. So here I will give you a few examples to illustrate, I believe we will do the movie station later, the heart will be more at the end.

first of all, the development of copyright in China is a certainty, but China is a unique country

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