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today’s topic: how to select keywords in website promotion. Before I have written many articles about website promotion, we as grassroots webmaster, the most like is to take their own experience to share learning. Well, don’t say much, today I want to tell you a little about keyword selection.

The promotion of the

network’s first step is to learn to write the soft (but I will explain here), we write soft in mind at the same time, must consider the following questions: the keyword that is good, how to select keywords, keyword density in an article to account for much proportion of related problems, I also try several different ways to test the key factors here today for everyone to do a summary: in fact, we choose to follow a few keywords as long as the principle of standard, can easily find their desired keyword.

first: select key words, according to their own web site background to analyze the relevant keywords, whether it is beneficial to your website promotion, through the web site, first give the keyword a selection framework.

second: select the keyword search engine to look at the face, first search the search engine integrated keywords, such as keyword search volume (heat) and related search volume, here must pay attention not to do keyword: overheating. Through the heat and retrieval, we can find the key words we want to do. Of course, there are some auxiliary soft can help us.

third: we can know through search keywords, some keywords cannot compete with, for example, those big portal choose keywords, we these grassroots station is certainly not comparable, so this is when we select the keywords we need to pay attention to.

fourth: ask your friends and love what search words related product keywords, this method is the most practical, most can be found directly to our customers, but to add auxiliary points to the.

well, this is my younger brother, some of my promotional experience, I hope to give all the friends who are studying to help.

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