To a beginner’s point of view talk about electronic business platform essential skills

introduction: in China about electricity supplier, I think we should be the first feeling, Ma Yun Ali, Taobao, Jingdong these platforms, due to the work, the recent few articles have to share with friends, and for the electricity supplier industry, can only be regarded as a beginner, given the lack of practical theory support, so the entire document the main contents form the basis, based on the consideration of the third party as a platform for the operation of the foundation, content focus mainly around the business platform of the related operation indicators, user behavior, user purchase decision, by understanding and studying the relevant data calculation method, the formation of the habit of collecting and sorting data in the process of operation, to provide data support the decision on the new operating platform for the promotion, new.

first of all, we are going through several pictures to sort out some basic knowledge about what needs to be mastered.


one, business platform operating indicators overview

> > popularity and popularity quality index (UVPVUV/PV)

> > order generation efficiency index total singular UV conversion

> > overall sales target; sales amount; average price

> > website platform; final overall index; gross margin; gross profit margin

there is on how to calculate, can through the search to find a specific way of calculation on uv/pv, these data can be completed through traffic statistics software, calculated the conversion rate, including the calculation of profit rate is set up to collect in a data point of view, so the first for the data collection and analysis is concerned, the foundation.

two, the effectiveness index of marketing activities


Effectiveness of

(1) advertising

Total UV generated by

Advertising – the effectiveness index for generating traffic (UV)

(2) an effective index for the number of orders

The total number of orders generated by


UV total / order total =UV order conversion rate

advertising input cost / order total = advertising ROI (ROI)

(3) newly increased number of registered users

effectiveness of promotional activities

promotion sales volume / week = weekly promotional activity volume

promotional activities sales amount / week = weekly promotional activities sales amount

three, platform operation index


(1) Co promote

Number and quality of

collaboration sites

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