P2P net loan platform operation how to find yourself in practice

recently a lot of exchange with me net loan marketing platform operation basically asked me three questions: what do they do in net lending operations every day should have some ability to work? What? What a good qualified operators? Many people have said that he is blind, like every boy like. No target.

actually, these problems have been bothering me all the time. I do business for more than three years, has been very casual, that is, do more, everything is spent to do a good job, responsible for each activity, every plan, every implementation of marketing. These problems are seldom considered systematically. Recently I have been summed up his experience to write some articles to share, more and more platform operation or promotion personnel and I communicate with me, operation and marketing of the things, I suddenly realized that the answers to these questions will do everything for you the details. Today I would like to share with you some of the years of operation and understanding of the operation and summary. Let us understand how to operate as a net loan to find themselves in practice.

net loan platform is based on the Internet to operate. Through the website of this intermediary, so that borrowers can release borrowing requirements, allowing investors to invest their idle funds, to achieve the benefit of both sides, win-win situation. So, as a platform for operations. We should first understand what operations are,

operation means buying and selling. Buy what? – buy traffic, buy users. What to sell? – the amount of investment sold. From this we can see that the relationship is obvious is the process of money money.

what kind of capabilities should we have as a platform operation,


1, cost conscious. Net loan platform to do its own positioning. Not every platform can be like Lu Yuan, which network cast, as there is background, there is strength. If you have a background, you can directly burn money to obtain users, rapid expansion of brand awareness, delineation of users. But if it is an entrepreneurial company, want to make achievements. As an operation, we must have a sense of cost. From the budget of the activity planning to the promotion cost of the channel to the overall expenditure of the operation, there must be the financial accounting, the input-output ratio.

2, have marketing consciousness. All along, millet as a successful example of the Internet model. When we talk about Internet thinking, the first time will think of millet marketing ideas. They can start hundreds of thousands of fans without spending a penny on promotion costs. How to do it? Just have a sense of marketing. Is to spend a penny to spend a little effect. This need with marketing mix, marketing activities, creative, planning with the implementation of.

3, can change thinking, understand user psychology. The Internet does not simply think that investors need what, and then you give him what?. But what investors need, you have to create it for him. As a business, you need to think about what users think and what they want, and we can meet them in essence by looking at their needs. They can do better and let them trust

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