Article title is too long lead to Baidu chain reduce weight drop

we have always known that Baidu spider is a robot, although engineers give him some wisdom, but he is still a machine, has not yet reached the human intelligence.

a few days ago, I added dozens of articles in secretarial chowder network, because of concerns about the title of the article with the class, sometimes find it difficult to choose. For example, in a speech, the main title "tree hotel image and Tianma subtitle is" fresh air "Pegasus Hotel staff deeds speech", if I choose this title, so some abrupt, take the latter is a bit too popular, according to Baidu selection rules, Baidu spider love those who have individual articles no way, I had to say, "a tree image of the hotel operation Pegasus Pegasus Hotel – air staff deeds speech", so always think the best of both worlds.

a few days, Baidu included saw is "a tree image of the hotel, the suffix" Pegasus air "Pegasus Hotel staff deeds speech" is not, at that time did not feel what special place, but I never felt so strange: why why Baidu not included fully included only half a title?

I have a habit, every day is site, domain, check the Baidu external links, Charles does not know, check jump, Baidu chain suddenly reduced to 50, the words "secretarial nets" has been dropped from fourth to eighth pages, I feel sleepy, how is this going? Didn’t think the reason is that the title is too long, the lack of originality, because some of the copy for me is my good friend, my Baidu search, did not find similar to my article, what reason is that


thanks webmaster, here I find the answer. Article title too long will lead to Baidu spider think you want to pile up keywords, and reduce your outside chain, lead to your weight drop.

, as a webmaster is really not easy, won 77 of forty-nine off, experiencing all the hardships to fruition!


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