How to improve user experience in foreign trade websites

generally do foreign trade website will involve doing English website, it is easier to communicate with foreigners, but many owners simply will Chinese websites for the translation, became English version of the website, not knowing that this is to do foreign trade website taboo, because there is no consideration to foreigners use habits, in fact do English website also needs to improve the user experience! Here is how to improve the user experience of


1: Web Design

foreign trade website to take into account the aesthetic view of foreigners, they are generally not with simplicity as beauty, love fantastic colors, so a page is best not more than three colors, the general can use blue and white color, white, blue for ornament, also can use the other two kinds of color collocation. In product design, if the product is placed in the page above the long-term will not be modified, then you can put the product pages into static pages, if often changes to the product page, you need to complete through the dynamic database, but also to add a page can be converted into a static function, after Google etc. search engines love static pages! Jianzhan procedures generally used div+css+ pure static page generation method, and business news or industry news can Consider using a dynamic database completely, so it’s easy to update and easy to search for,


two: consider web compatibility

if the user on your site to see is garbled, nature has no intention to see you website, the font encoding General of Western Europe is iso-8859-1, also can analyze the source of customers use some Adsense class software, which helps the site targeted optimization


three: enhance the interactive function of the website

In fact,

is the biggest advantage of the Internet to interact, if your site is just a static page, less communication, and it is no ordinary magazine what two things, did not play a huge role in the Internet, so the website must be opened online message or BBS function, can hear the voice of the user, so it can effectively improve the user experience, and don’t think the website flash to do with the effect will be better, in fact, flash is currently the site is not conducive to search engine included, so flash can only in the local place to show the effect of site


four: company introduction and enterprise certification can not be less

In fact, we set up

trade website is to others can trust our website, so that others will be willing to do business with us, and get the best people trust is the comprehensive introduction of his own company, including best picture, but also through a variety of certification, such as ISO9001 certification, if the automotive industry can also be the TS16949 certification on the site, such as the internationally recognized by the certificate to a foreigner.

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