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Abstract: a review on a series of financing event occurred in 2014, especially in the big influx of capital, has basically been completed business the first two rounds of investment, pick up their own players to set up their own clan


January 27th Ocean Terminal announced the acquisition of Shanghai international group led international tournament fund of 100 million dollars B round of financing, have blue until finally the resurrection full of blood, "quietly" told the VC children’s shoes without vision: sorry, we pro, prices rose too much, a lot of that.

back in 2014, the major cross-border electricity projects such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like run out, although we model each are not identical, but the sword is a piece of cake at the end of the electronic commerce. Those early years on the assertion that e-commerce has no pure land of children’s shoes finally came to light, in the high-rise buildings, there is a piece of land that has not been reclaimed completely. And into 2015, the platform project has entered the remaining "King" hot war, vertical division category is also being divided. Cross mirror electricity supplier has almost become a red sea.

in fact, looking back on a series of financing events that occurred in 2014, the foreign terminal won the $100 million B round of financing from the international fund, which finished $thirty million B round of financing. Especially after the influx of the giants, the capital has basically completed the start-up company’s first two rounds of investment, picked their own players, formed their own clan, the capital of the war is over. Next, watch how these players make good use of their resources to finish the chase. And look at the self-made entrepreneurs and dig out areas that haven’t been fully developed yet.

first of all, I lead you to look at the sea Amoy market can how to classify what game player are in every category, where they are backed by the mountain, by going to a city overlooking the whole china.

big brother, son

first, let me check on the sons of chiefs. They have Alibaba’s Tmall international, Amazon’s offshore outsourcing, NetEase koala sea Amoy, SF SF sea amoy.

Ali: Tmall international

flagship mother, beauty makeup care, food health care, clothing, shoes, bags, life digital five categories. It also almost covers the most frequent categories in the world. In addition to the five major categories, Tmall international has also joined the global flash purchase and global good merchants gameplay mechanism. Flash purchase model is currently the most mainstream way to play the sea Amoy, seize the Chinese people "petty gains" mentality. Global good business is aimed at the sea Amoy depth players, they have certain brands and businesses have a preliminary awareness and loyalty. The advantage of Tmall international is that it is the largest e-commerce company in the world and has more experience in supply chain management.

Yama Xun: offshore outsourcing

mainly for mother and baby, toys, beauty makeup, clothing, shoes bag

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