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webmaster to do the website know, the website wants to get long-term development, the basic point is not in profit mode or management, but in the user. A website, especially a forum based on information exchange, the importance of the user speaks for itself. If this forum to continue and lasting development, improve the user viscosity is imperative, and I graduated from it, a number of small business website, though not what a brilliant record, but it did blog, website, website etc. several types, somewhat below their ideas I would like to share their own methods often used in improving user viscosity on the forum, I hope you can help.

function optimization, do a good job site "window"

for the moment, the forum is still BBS + blog as the basic framework, although practical, but the data structure is relatively weak, and thus impede the further application of the site. So in the process of website operation, in front and back, webmaster want to expand their integrated information system (MIS) module and customer relation management (CRM), which is to optimize the application of structured data, but also on the website of the KPI was the premise of fine management.

Of course

just above the technical level that MIS and CRM can be reasonably extended information different classification, abstracts the respective information field, information table, the ultimate beneficiaries or users, so to improve user viscosity is very helpful. Of course, the optimization of the website function and not only these aspects, the guide yellow pages, new promotion plate, we need to master.

guide yellow pages, this is easy to understand. After all we’re on him under normal circumstances are local, so we must add some local elements in the forum, such as the "XX city hotel price list list", or "XX city delicacy introduction" and other such information, the information on the home page, will lead to great hits.

is my new promotion plate pig according to the experience of learning, after all a person’s own strength is limited, so I plan some activists as "webmaster" or "celebrities" in various fields, and then allow them to enrich their own plate, using their relationships to expand user groups to realize the diversity of users.

appropriate hype, stir up forum atmosphere

said the truth of a forum, an active member of a total of just a few, most users are "watch" attitude, especially when the new on-line forum, many users do not often see things in the post, it will take the initiative to jump out of the forum. So in the forum operation, we must set up a core team, who is responsible for the post, who is responsible for the top post, who is responsible for the topic, we have a clear division of labor, make sure the forum has a lively atmosphere on the surface, to encourage everyone to participate in the Forum posting, because users are a >

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