Baidu post bar a new battlefield of network marketing

2007, the survey showed that the number of domestic community portal, IDC service providers and hundreds of well-known Internet community website Comsenz company and iResearch: the community has more than China application users instant communications (IM), a basic Internet application after the mail. 61.7% of the community Internet users in the purchase of goods will first consider the views of community users, and the views of community users have become the most important factors affecting other Internet users buying behavior. IResearch think: Community targeted, high viscosity and strong interaction characteristics and advantages, determines the community has a very high value in the marketing community, "opinion leaders" are published views and experiences, are consciously and unconsciously influenced the consumption concept and consumption behavior of other community users.

community consumer behavior and consumer attitudes are susceptible to community awareness, which is based on word-of-mouth marketing role. While the word-of-mouth marketing is the enterprise to provide consumers with the products and services they need, and formulate certain reputation promotion plan, let the consumer a good evaluation of automatic transmission products and services, so that people understand the products, through word-of-mouth brand, strengthen market awareness, finally achieve the enterprise selling products and services to. The network community is consistent with the objective requirements of word of mouth marketing because of its precise, effective, interactive, low cost and big impact, which makes the Internet community become the main channel of word-of-mouth marketing.

was born in December 3, 2003 in Baidu Post Bar, is an online community theme based on keywords; it is closely related to the search, accurately grasp the needs of users, through the keywords of user input, automatic generation of discussion, users can immediately participate in the exchange, release oneself have the interesting topic of information and ideas. This means that if a user is interested in a topic, then he can immediately set up a corresponding discussion area on Baidu post bar.


Post Bar once on the line, immediately by the thousands of users every day, now Baidu new Post Bar 6000, posting daily volume reached more than 3 million Baidu! Post Bar accumulated a large amount of it and users, has become the world’s largest online community Chinese


Post Bar to Baidu as the representative of the online community is changing our life, Baidu Post Bar is becoming the new battlefield of network marketing: 2006, Baidu through Post Bar, know do together with HP 6515 mobile phone marketing community exclusive release to HP in two months after the promotion period, to enhance the excellence in 30% sales; and mark 206 cooperative community marketing greatly improved the reputation of the economic type of car.

however, there is one point that needs to be highlighted: Baidu post bar is built on keyword search, and its owner is also based on the principle of prior application. With the deepening of people’s understanding of search engine marketing (SEM), Baidu post bar is becoming a scarce resource. Who can become a post in a certain post?

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