Select preferential domain name authentication type SSL certificate to be sure to connect

DV SSL Certificate ( discount will be carried out when the certificate price is as low as 12.8 yuan / month, help to achieve the Internet total station HTTPS. If you have any queries when you select the DV certificate at, you may contact the official website "SSL certificate" at any time.


must connect Internet DV SSL certificate

install SSL certificate can improve website ranking, such as Baidu search engine will install the SSL certificate into the web site ranking factors, under the same conditions, the website ranking is superior to install SSL certificate is not installed. In addition, in the HTTPS era of the Internet, the user awareness of security is more and more strong, the installation of SSL certificate allows users to more assured, improve the brand image of the site.

currently, DV SSL is used for multi certificate personal website, install the DV certificate of the website, display the safety lock and green "https://" logo in the browser address bar, highly recognition, improve the user trust in the site. The DV certificate feature can be summed up in three words: secure, cheap, and fast.

security. The DV certificate uses 128-256 bit encryption, which is the same level of encryption as other high security certificates. A website that successfully installs DV SSL certificates. Encrypted transmission between the user browser and the server prevents illegal theft and illegal tampering.

fast. Compared to the EV certificate, OV certificate, DV certificate issued time is fast, the user applies for the purchase of DV certificate, usually only wait a few minutes, you can get a certificate, help the website quickly online https.

cheap. The price advantage is one of the most striking features of the DV certificate, compared with the hundreds of thousands of certificate, DV certificate price of many people, like the Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is only 12.8 yuan / month, also provides insurance for $10000, trustworthy.

although there are some free SSL certificates available online, but most of these certificates will not provide insurance compensation services, in case of problems, they can only take on their own. Therefore, it is recommended that users select SSL certificates from their own security needs, and carefully select the free SSL certificate.

in addition, because the DV certificate is to verify the ownership of the domain name, and can not be like that of the true identity of the user site, so if it is related to user’s personal website, account number and other sensitive information providers, financial websites, it is recommended to use OV or EV certificates. No matter what type of SSL certificate you need, you can go to >

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