Novel stations have been everywhere but how to improve the flow of the site

has been doing novel websites for a while, and I will introduce myself to you according to my own experience. How do I improve the flow of the website?.

, first of all, prepare a good domain name, fast and stable space and good website programs. The registered domain name can be similar to the name of the website, so that it is convenient for visitors to remember. Site access speed must be fast, usually the visitors will not be willing to wait more than 5 seconds, unless he is very patient, or have other things on the site on your site, otherwise it will lose a large part of the flow.

do not hang too many pop-up ads, it is best not to hang, so very affecting the user’s reading experience. As the webmaster of me, also very annoying, open a web page, that is everywhere flying advertising, not to mention a visitor. I encountered such a site, usually directly turned off, feeling too little for the user to consider.

do not collect large amounts of data every day, the content of the site more, does not mean that the search engine included more, if only blindly to collect the same content, search sooner or later. Will eventually cause you to no longer visit your web site. Content should be few and refined, page less, as long as there is a good ranking, traffic will not be less.

for a new station, often navigation website brings traffic will be much more than search engines. I have a friend who did the test, an inconspicuous place in the site’s home page, every day will bring about 200 site traffic, although small, but can not be underestimated, in the early stage is very useful to update every day at least 10 articles, best updated every day, so you will find every few day flow up. I insist on manual updates every day, as far as possible to reduce collection.

online advertising, although to spend money, but to bring traffic to the site is very objective, but how to spend the least amount of money to get the best results, which requires a lot of skills. Although online advertising costs money, but the traffic to the site is very objective, but how to spend the least amount of money to get the best results, which requires a lot of skills. If only in order to flow, then choose not well-known, large flow of sites, advertising on them, the price is generally not expensive.

, if the site of the user’s stickiness is not enough, repeat customers, active users too little, then traffic is difficult to accumulate, so be sure to find the needs of users, all for the user to consider.

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