Sharing experience and skills in operating SkyDrive web sites

I created SkyDrive website, after running two months, the user exceeded the fifty thousand mark, is really very pleased. Moreover, the momentum of development is very good, and it has accumulated a very good experience and some experience, hard work will eventually be harvested. Now, let me share my experience with you and hope that you can make good communication with me.

one, stick to

no matter what the website, the most important thing is to adhere to, this is the most important. Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is bright, but most people die in the evening of tomorrow. As long as the determination of goals, we must strive to persevere, and do not hesitate, do not regret, perseverance is victory.

two, ready for hardware

SkyDrive’s purpose is very simple, hardware quality must be excellent, users need is stable online storage services. If the download is slow and is not sure when it will not be able to access it, will the user still be there and be very uncomfortable with the data?. Speed must be fast, access must be stable, and that’s the key factor.

three, good service,

first clear the content, as long as pornography, Trojans and other types of files all kill, but also users a good storage environment. Own a good download, try running, equipped with genuine anti-virus software, timely checks and updates. For the user’s report, serious feedback, do not ignore the user’s views. The sense of responsibility is absolutely important.

secondly, some irregular activities should be carried out so that users can feel tangible benefits, so as to better win over customers. For users often start some activities, such as promotion, reward, points, rewards, exchange prizes, etc., these can take into account some, means unlimited, as long as the user feel satisfied with the benefits can be.

again long-term preservation of user files, this should be a good combination of their own strength under consideration. Many sites are regularly deleted or downloaded according to the amount, so that the document can not be maintained for a long time. If you can save your user files for a long time without deleting them, it will naturally attract large numbers of users.

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