SEO stop each other and pseudo original come in and see

‘s purpose in writing this article is to talk about my ideas about seo. In this small series industry soon (I is to do the whole network marketing, SEO is just one part of), but have their own unique insights, hope that through writing this article give some suggestions related to perception, colleagues or people.


, when I was in the industry, I’ve seen a lot of things done by halves. In fact, we can not blame them, everyone’s temperament is different, impatient people can not do it. But what I want to tell you is that SEO is actually a very interesting thing.

why? Because when you first came into contact with SEO, you might feel new and interesting. Later, a lot of people will often do two things: 1. mutual point, 2. pseudo original. I have also experienced this stage, and many people, including my teachers, have told me that this is a long-term job. You must be patient and do it every day.

yes, it’s really a long term job that requires patience, but the premise of patience must be dynamic support or a persistent belief.

I always have a belief that "SEO is a long process, and the information you send today will probably be seen in two years from now.". So you have to stick to it every day, and then a lot of people call you and buy your product or service". As for power, not to mention that you have done it while you’re doing seo.

the customer calls you to find out or to make a deal. Therefore, some people, God may be a little better, so there is a reason to persist. Some people can’t stand the test and give up halfway.

but with a reason to hang on, will you succeed or walk ahead of others?. I see a lot of people who do SEO all year long. What they do every day is what I mentioned above: mutual points and pseudo originality. Although I do not deny the role of these two things, but we do things, if we do not consider long-term or sustainable development, then we will never stop at a stage.

is like, you go from a salesman who can’t do anything to an old employee. What you have to do every day is to call and run. You’ve been doing this job for years without thinking of being a boss. Do your boss’s daily work, and your realm will not be promoted. I made a statistic for each class’s salesman everyday:

novice salesman: every day to call hundreds of calls, the intention has been very enthusiastic, there is a sense of urgency, lower than people. But the customer is not accurate, there is also a small.

an old salesman doesn’t make a phone call every day, but calls are usually made by precise customers or bosses, often running outside to maintain customers. Occasionally receive large orders. Too small.


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