Sao years network optimization you really do not understand


I believe a lot of friends to see the title, there is a K for impulse, whether you have this impulse, will you please Jingxiaxinlai after reading this article, the brick, please consider.


is just an ordinary 90, a lot of people are not optimistic about today’s 90, but I always believe in myself, he is a successful person! Welcome you to explore the online network optimization and the author (QQ:2529425294; Domain Name: bitter child).

network optimization is divided into three points: the first point is to optimize the station (now we call him user experience) is second; the station optimization (many people understand is outside the chain, commonly known as the keyword ranking, website weight); third is the network extrapolation, many of my friends will put this second points and mixed together.

below are for you to explain these three points related to note;

: the front of the station optimization journal wrote an article called "the sword of the website optimization Website optimization, user experience" articles, we can A5, a push to see above, which are described in detail here, don’t do too much introduction.


is how to do well in the station optimization: A. website design, simple and elegant, content plate conspicuous, let users come to the site, the first time will be able to find what he wants in the plate below; adding B. content, a lot of people think of a station to the original article can do strong, in fact, their own to try to do the same, the acquisition of the article, but you do not pay attention to user experience, I now 4 sites, all the collection content (manual collection, no tools), now the ranking is underlined, the content of the composition is very important. The reason is simple: when you click on a web page, typography affects interest directly. Check out some of the larger web sites that will help you a lot,


outside the station optimization: many friends understand outside the station optimization is to do the chain every day, BBS and so on, where are you every day? A lot of hair outside the chain, a day hair dozens, hundreds of. Excuse me, are you tired?


is how to do the station optimization: A. fixed time every day to update the chain blog (although many people think that the chain blog has no effect, he did not try, you will never understand); B. fixed time update Baidu library chain (this is very powerful, who do not love their own products, think no effect, is that you don’t find the methods and skills).

website extrapolation: a lot of people think this is very simple, I advertise everywhere. In fact, you are wrong, there is that forum, website, QQ group like advertising, see ads are deleted. To understand more about Baidu experience, this is a extrapolation effect is very obvious place, whether ranking or traffic, are good. In particular, do

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