The joy of successfully applying for GOOGLE advertising

two days before I apply to GOOGLE advertising account, open the mail that you, the heart feel really happy, because I applied for many times, every time is failure, the success should be my sincerity touched the hearts of GOOGLE, let me write this time to feel the success of.

I do this station, it should be said that there are almost three months, and began to do an emotional article stand, because of other reasons, changed to the present I love design network. Because my present job is about making this piece of design. Therefore, it should be said to write some original article is no big problem. Later, in a friend’s introduction, let me join the GOOGLE Union, put some advertising, you can buy space costs earned back, I went to GOOGLE tried, failed once, two failed. Later, I said, forget it, do not do this, and every day concerned about updating my content, okay,

but think later, the website of others day by day bigger, I cannot work on a few small website, I hope to be like A5, happy net, NetEase, as big station, after all I am a webmaster should it be a distant dream, oh, but I always I can’t give up, and later bought two space, a Shaoyang Sunshine Network, now still updating it, about the design of network is almost the same, and began to buy the space is not large, so don’t add too much content, only write one or two articles every day just,

what about advertising?. Later I applied for advertising, oh, apply for GOOGLE. But always refused, said my website content, or less than half the time, also heard, websites need to run after half a year to apply for GOOGLE advertising, but I will still be submitted again, so after the submission of the four or five day work, because have a free time, open the message to see a letter from GOOGLE mail, I thought it was the same as the original content, did not expect to see, welcome you to join GOOGLE. You don’t feel how happy, I will put down the work at hand, into my account, the application code, and on my website home page, after less than a minute, I hit my home page to display ads, but after a few days of testing, I took a look at me the report, not a few clicks oh. Do you think it’s not easy to make money like this?. Also have to improve the flow of the site, I have not considered before, but also to promote. I just know what to do as a website, to provide technology for other travelers and to communicate with them. I think, as long as the intention to do the station, no other crooked way, I would like to slowly will be better, so I want to apply for advertising this feeling shared with you. Hope that the majority of individual owners, and with interest and spare time to do stand friends, as long as you do your heart and soul, will be touched by the sincerity and trust. Let you enter professional stationmaster profession henceforth. Learn more and communicate more before you make progress. Also welcome to my love design network. Joint communication.

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