The flying cloud talk advertising should be chosen to be frank

station is the ultimate goal of profit, profit must be inseparable from advertising. Site owners buy advertising sites for publicity and traffic conversion. Advertisers sell ads to generate revenue. Now a lot of Mongolia, exaggerated 30% has been a common phenomenon. The individual is a word "Mongolia", here’s how to buy advertising do think clearly.

one, advertising positioning

first locate your advertising crowd. That is, who will be interested in your ads, then find the type of site that gathers these people, and then filter out advertisers based on your budget. Game themes, advertising, campus classes, games, the effect is better, such as throwing technology, the effect will be greatly reduced.

advertising should be based on his statistics, select the relatively popular and the price of the economic position, and must not do analysis, select the home page directly. Certain types of home pages tend to be low traffic.

two, site traffic

for advertisers, ask the web site, and then will ask traffic. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge, first of all, here refers to the flow should be you put advertising page traffic, rather than the total station traffic. Other pages without your advertising, he is 100 million IP, and you do not matter, should not be your key consideration.

three, statistics

view statistics is an important basis for objective system analysis. Of course, there are more places to hide.

should pay attention to whether a statistical account is used for multiple stations.

depends on the stickiness of the site. Whether to attract Internet users, this is very important, is to decide whether to advertise an important point. Data performance mainly depends on the ratio of IP to PV, the number of visits and the length of stay. Generally speaking, the ratio of over 6:1 is a good sticky station. Don’t worry about 1:1’s short stay. People who take a look at it will not be interested in your advertisement.

see if the amount is brushed. Brush volume includes manual brush, buy flow, pop, etc.. Usually with pop brush in the majority, cheap and very effective. How do you see? Pop will point to the same page, he interviewed most of the pages, see this page "flow" per capita number "average residence time" and "bounce rate", generally 1 times per capita, short residence time, high bounce rate is likely to pop. Of course, if his source is on the same website, he says otherwise.

look at the statistics on your page. Objectively, what is the potential flow from the data analysis?. Where is the maximum flow page? Is it in line with the price he wants?.

looks like the road. A good station, most traffic should come from search. For advertising, you should choose search traffic ratio of about 90%.

four, included, pr

included more than PR high, which means that the station in the Internet weight, tentacles and more will help promote.

five, word of mouth

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