Rookie Adsense everyone hard

do a webmaster bitter, do not experience a webmaster more bitter, plus a technology (including SEO…) is not good, it will blow his confidence! Ask yourself whether or not to continue! I just had this idea now, but I think I will continue to persist. Even if his station is garbage, also want to make him the best in the garbage! Ha ha…

!The next

should take their stand going to do better, I choose the space station is also good, speed pretty fast! The following is the content, now the video with the movie website very much, you rely on what kind of content to attract others, how to keep the guests, this is a it is worth to study something about technical problems! Very much, how to choose keywords. Now let me introduce what I’m going to do next, that is, SEO strategy,


SEO strategy around the above key page formulation and implementation, SEO work carried out:

1.URL problem,


used on the old channel URL is:

revamped channel URL using two level domain name:

here’s an interesting question: suppose in the address bar enter, GOOGLE toolbar PR=5; and the address bar GOOGLE toolbar display PR=4, this is why? However, the default home channel is index.asp, but directly enter the domain name to open the page and directly open the page file is different, that is different from the PR value is the best embodiment, which can be introduced: the domain name and file weights in the SEO domain name is different and important than the right weight



A: when doing links, you should use the domain name as the chain URL, not the home page file.

B: if the link back to the home page in the web page uses the domain name instead of the file name, it will play a big role in promoting the ranking of keywords,

point, I have already practiced and carried on the application, and at the same time, it has another more important function, and then time to discuss it carefully.

2. says that you must pay attention to your internal link structure

when it comes to connection

adds navigation links to all pages inside the channel to make web pages interoperable, especially to ensure that all pages have links to the most important pages of the channel (home page, query page).

3. page text editor

page text, try to highlight keywords, Tudou, variety, and other combinations of elements, such as "Korean variety", "Taiwan heald"

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