The gold rush station a good marketing blog should do so

my construction of the gold rush station is not an example of a good marketing blog, the function of a successful marketing blog, but it can not be seen at the gold rush station. But because the site has been in operation for nearly 2 years, and then add, the original data and difficult to import. So this blog post is also a good idea for my perfect marketing blog.

the perfect marketing blog I’m looking for should include the following 4 points:

1, a single subscription function,

as you can see, there are subscription services available at the light gold station. There are 4 kinds of QQ mailing lists, feedsky, Google, reader and QQ subscriptions. So many subscribers are provided for the users,


no, I don’t think so. It gives users a sense of clutter and makes it difficult to make subscriptions a sign of the site. Take the gold rush station for example. There are more than 800 subscribers to the QQ mailing list, more than 700 subscribers to feedsky, more than 900 subscribers to the QQ mailbox, and nearly 300 subscribers to the Google reader.

if the number of subscriptions are integrated together, so the number of subscriptions, there are nearly 3000 people, and 00 separate words, do not get shot.

, and we have to do so under the circumstances of the domestic subscriber subscription service, and we do not have a service provider that can provide us with a stable subscription service.

note: the solution to this problem is to see second points, but it is also not the best solution because the subscription service it provides is charged.

2, a subscription system with promotion + sales

from the early promotional subscriptions systems I customized, we can see that I desire to subscribe to the system, not only for the subscription system a subscription system, it must be both marketing and sales functions.


function,, and other well-known foreign blogs are useful, and our domestic blog, did not see the basic blog with the more will be used on a single page sales above. This may also be related to the domestic environment, the Chinese people will blog applied to marketing, after all, is still a small number.

note: at home, I’ve seen the mail come with this set of features, but I haven’t actually tested it, just using the demo version it offers free of charge.

3, data integration, unified

, for example, if a user subscribes to the gold rush station by using a mailbox, then he should use the mailbox and be able to land on the gold panning forum. In this respect, most of the domestic gateways are well done.

data is not uniform, not only to the user >

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