Webmaster talk about the local forum website operation experience

The operation of the

local website is a very important part. Preliminary planning is to prepare for this. A local forum website, if there is no popularity, and how to get income? So, we have to do enough to do popularity, as users. When you have mastered 80% of the local users, combined with an effective and reasonable profit model, the website’s revenue can be imagined. That specific how to operate it? Here are a few points, I hope you can help!


interactive gathered popularity: first of all, let’s talk about your popularity, many website registered users every day? IP? PV? How many new users every day, this is vital to your website can attract advertisers point. The key to creating popularity is interaction. For a simple example, you send a post. As a result, no one asks, sends another, or no one shows it. At this point you feel what is this problem solved, stick to it, popularity will gradually improve.

2, activities cohesion people: mentioned earlier, local websites gathered local life, entertainment, business, education, local characteristics, industrial chain and so on, then there must be activities. The purpose of the event is to meet new and old friends, so that we feel that we are actually very close. The website serves for everybody, not serve for oneself, in consideration of profit at the same time, must consider good service. Often spontaneous activities are held to bring people together.

3, people’s humanities characteristic: local website serves for the place. Therefore, in the operation of the process, we should do a good job serving the people. Many websites add convenience service to this section. As a matter of fact, I personally suggest that the topic of the people should be set up as an important forum. We often have to pay attention to people’s livelihood in gestos said, because people are talking is our concern. Today the old Jiaxi champion Lee, yesterday eight Hutong street is broken, pedestrians should pay attention to. From the people, for the people. The topic of the people will never be told. This way, make sure you make good use of it.

4, cooperation can win: win-win cooperation in the above is a way to promote, in the period of operation again I talked about, then, truly some? China webmaster has joined the WTO, what are you waiting for? Do not start thinking about profit. Because money can’t be earned. Then learn Taobao, free for the first time, now strong and big, and began to charge. It’s not hot yet. Free to cooperate with the business, organize the team to the merchants where to spend it. Only cooperation can achieve win-win situation.

5, combined with the political and economic development: the so-called political and economic combination of this theory, webmaster want to learn. We can not blindly study SEO, blindly study keywords optimization, because we are not eating bowls of rice. It is the combination of political and economic tell us when to do in the economy with the current political environment combined. The simplest thing is, if your website has the Propaganda Department of the municipal Party committee to help you advertise or cooperate with them. Then don’t worry about the next step. There are more problems involved in this area, >

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