The new English station earns more than the old Chinese station

I am 18 years old, for a large, wanted to be a Chinese station to earn some pocket money by! How Baidu this man did not included my station, I am so angry to just do 20 days to the station just a few hundred dollars to sell at the same time, turning to the English station now! Do English station experience and share knowledge friends! Feel the top


it’s 1:05 in the morning,

first displays my English station data (revenue from the website the day before yesterday)

pages, number of hits, hits, page hits, web pages, eCPM revenue,

598101.69%, US$7.26, US$4.32

a look at the data, we can find that the characteristics of the English station has come out, that is, the average price is relatively high, and this is why I do English station

the traffic was


yesterday, PV772

yesterday, independent visitor 171

yesterday IP number 137

average number of pages per person access 5.64

visitor’s geographical statistics

Saudi Arabia 166

UAE 80

American 64


, United Arab Emirates, Arabia

, Germany, 46

South Africa 41

(IP in about 50 countries, others are not listed in detail)

now starts explaining the whole process of doing this site — the site manages 1 hours a day — half an hour — the first half hour — to advertise

1. is the first domain name – I choose domain name is

had heard people say do English station is best not to use the CN domain name, I think, what! CN domain name not English station, how to say the domain name cn is also the world’s largest domain name registration ah, really cheap goods, so I chose the CN domain name, later that friends from all over the world did not hostility, they are treated as the


2 election space – I’m looking for friends purchasing HM space + independent ip

space is always let you worry about a thing! My friend just engaged in the business of purchasing foreign space flat-share exam! I was free to help me purchasing a HM space, we test to know speed is first-rate, do English space station is best not to use the free space, there must be an independent IP IP, a public web site at any time may give away foreign space! Very cheap, do not want to buy their own.

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