Personal stationmaster is pitiful Baidu is father space is mom


press, Shaoyang talent network information network and Shaoyang’s still unable to visit, asked the space business, that the server has a forum webmaster has not carefully managed by automatically sending software forum hair every day hundreds of spam, there are some of the more sensitive keywords, so network the room had to contact the server rack. In fact, a few days before the server is stopped for 9 days service experience, because the latest database of the two stations in the local has no backup, so he had to endure the days of the site not open to torment, but in space not timely recovery backup data, this has been broken grinding. As for another local station – Shaoyang website because the usual data update, so that the space is temporarily unable to recover in case, in another third days to buy a room for the local backup uploaded.

was closed in the space of a few days, there have been concerned about the Baidu update on the above several sites, in about fifth days, Baidu will be the 3 station data deleted, of course I have seen off the server I know several other sites, also by Baidu delete the data, all the state of the K. When the server is restored, second days later, Baidu returned to Shaoyang talent network data, but the other two did not recover, then in 20 returned to Shaoyang information network data, but as of today, Baidu has not recovered Shaoyang website data.


see in stationmaster net friend said his website in the space, still only Yahoo spiders crawl the entire site, the other spider figure are all missing, troubleshooting server and other station Association (the server space, 3 stations are normally included station and PR > =2). Thus concluded that spiders will be unable to crawl web sites because of changing site space. It seems that didn’t know when he can be delivered from oppression in Baidu.

these sites, in Google’s collection has been very normal, said included in the case is for Baidu.

so, individual stationmaster is poor, Baidu is father, space is mother, maybe most of the friends will not agree with this. Why Baidu is Dad, according to the present situation of China personal webmaster, all web traffic is basically comes from Baidu, who let Baidu know best Chinese personal webmaster of the situation, perhaps some successful website (rather than the personal homepage such as blog) from Google from YAHOO to a lot of traffic, but for most of the personal website, most of the time still rely on Baidu is live. The reason why space is a mother, from the above I can see a few sites, and if you do not choose a good space, resulting in the operation of the site because of the <

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