A higher diary a

a higher diary (a)

I am an active person. I joined the Internet in 2000. From the first day of the Internet, I was thinking about: gold online? In this virtual social space, is likely? With this idea, I began to explore the wangzhuan……


in the fall of 2000, in the family magazine, I got a message to join the free white collar League and got my first basic understanding of SOHO. For SOHO this new concept, many people still half believe and half doubt. I went to work at a relatively light time, and I didn’t like playing mahjong in my spare time. I wanted to surf the Internet and practice the fun of sitting at home making money. So, I installed the Internet MODEM on the computer, and went to the post office to apply for the telephone dial-up network account, the family computer formally connected to the internet. Through advertising on the site, I opened the Chinese free white-collar Union website, a comprehensive understanding of the SOHO mode of operation, and had a strong interest in this free Wangzhuan way. According to the requirements of the union, I am from the post office sent 98 yuan to buy a "white-collar" how to become a free book, closed the books a week to apply for membership of the website free white-collar examination. Through hard work, I successfully passed the exam and became a member of the Chinese free white collar big league. Familiar with the Union website after the operation, I went on, and applied to the site members of the silver trial, after the trial of more than a month of investigation, I passed, achieved silver membership. This period of time in the investment phase, I do some work in the grand alliance website, registered in the Spedia webbullion Cashfiesta clickdough paidforsurf LinkShare such as CJ datingcash Wangzhuan site, personal homepage space, established a personal Wangzhuan site. Those days, after work, home, I turn on the computer, the Internet, to complete my work online. Although very busy and tired, but all in Wangzhuan fanaticism, I wanted to be a free white collar, and from the experience the fun of online gold. At that time, the cost of the Internet was not cheap, 4.2 yuan per hour, I nearly 4 hours a day online, the cost of the month of Internet cost me several hundred dollars. But in order to achieve my gold dream, I think these pay is worthwhile. As I almost go when Wangzhuan on track, I went out for work study for half a year, had to temporarily interrupt the Wangzhuan pursuit. The end of the study, returned to the unit, immediately took up a new business, a job becomes nervous, at this time to resume the old Wangzhuan a bit powerless, desperation had to bite the bullet and stopped my first Wangzhuan dream. Summary of my first trip I think Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, the road is long. It may be limited by many conditions, you must first have enough patience and confidence to Wangzhuan, you must have plenty of time and conditions, >

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