Baidu is not as cheap as it is in legend

just two months before I was standing, my station was blocked by Baidu, and there were no pages left,


because I did cheat, I did my own advertising. I didn’t know it at that time. I didn’t know what was cheating.

so very depressed, Baidu wrote a letter to request re opened, but behind the more exposure to this kind of thing

also includes tens of thousands of webmaster for Baidu condemning

I don’t believe in Baidu anymore, and I call him "cheap",

knows that my second web site was indexed by Baidu, about 100000 pages, and IP was over 10 thousand, 80% of which came from Baidu,

at this time, Baidu received the letter, my station was re opened, hundreds of pieces of money on the account is also effective,


I think again, Baidu okay? But heard friends say, Baidu give you traffic, but you put Google Adsense? You are not afraid of being K?


I wonder, I’m worried, but I can’t bear the dollar. After a few months, I’m ok.

at this time, another webmaster and I said: "be proud, IP super 20 thousand, you have to give Baidu money, or else seal you"


, I’m starting to worry again, is it true,


knew one day my station was really sealed, but it was just down right.

I summed up, is because I have a website program, all pages indexed by Baidu are invalid, and I add a jump in the 404 error page that is a lot of the jump page, so users can not find the content you want, this is a clear violation of the rules of Baidu, just down right without being K

has been very lucky!

now, I have a station, and over the past two months, IP has remained at forty thousand or fifty thousand, most of which are Baidu, Google also has the same keywords in the same position, but the traffic is only about 1/8 of Baidu.

everyone says GG, called Baidu base, just because Baidu has bid? In fact, sometimes, Baidu is also very helpless, in the face of the tens of thousands of garbage station, can it? The most important, or Internet search experience, think of your own, your home page is Baidu, you or GG? Is Baidu,

or GG?

answer only you know, but now, you still curse Baidu cheap,


I rascal Dragon said, not because Baidu gave me traffic, because the same GOOGLE also gave me a dollar, I is based on the experience of matter, their brothers, a man, to be honest…

recently made a new film, navigation, IP now has 25000, but Baidu has been blocked, navigation includes and will be Baidu seal, ha ha, however, the page plus connection or exchange flow > JS

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