Experience of site building and development

station and development experience

first must explain is: I did not know before, also can write articles here, ha ha, today just know, so boring, come in, write a little feeling,

!A few days ago

saw a "show female" webmaster "Yaya" station, can not help but make me a little surprise, ha ha, I: "the show women network has opened a year as a webmaster, why not consider this pinch, the site name is also called:" Iraq show women ", but I feel more and more interesting, this is the fate ah, but that is not the understanding of MM, hope to have the opportunity to meet the boss by graph king

!A few days ago in the group inside

graph king and several webmaster chatted for a while, I was told that: YXLADY for the present situation is very successful, a man’s female net opened 2 years went bankrupt, we opened a year, can actually be done to advance the world ranking 4W. Once in 3W, asked me questions appear? In fact, when we talked about this problem we do not say, because most of the webmaster some means to understand, some simple SEO we all understand, but everyone will be impatient! Do not know because of heart state, when I was at the location the development of YXLADY, I just want to do big ambitions, portals, (today is female portal) I don’t know, this is a "portal" in the end what position I don’t know just! I do not understand, in my heart, in accordance with the portal mode in the go! Home determined not to hang Google Advertising, channel planning and when I feel the classification is thinner than PClady, do not know whether the female users will love? At the same time, it is because of this location leads to a form a huge information system, whether in the update or data can not keep up, development is very passive! So if after we do stand in the time really like me to try to avoid a system, put their whole battle line pull very long, because long the sea defense requires a lot of human resources and money to maintain, as a personal webmaster and we can spend much manpower to do this fast? So, it reflects my good brothers "a city network" Yang Yun’s one sentence: "do the station to use points to radiation surface" is right, so in the future when everyone develops, I hope you try to avoid this problem. First of all, first of all some of their own resources have a channel to develop strong, and then slowly extended · · · · · ·; · · ·

second feeling is: "do stand is a man! The truth we all know the reason, but I now growing faster is this powerful system! Do webmaster is technology, so always love yourself."

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