Looking at the value of app to social networking sites from 51 com data

, look at a set of iResearch data. Whether the data is accurate does not matter, basically the big trend is not wrong.

· 09 years in March, the school network to 43 million 390 thousand people firmly occupy the number of users first, happy network continues to close with second 51.com distance, the number of users exceeded 20 million mark, reaching 22 million 350 thousand people.

· net effective browsing time; market share dropped below 50%; kaixin.com climbed above 51.com to third place, accounting for 7.2%.

· in addition to Baidu, 09 years Q1 the main community dating website browsing time increased.

· campus network, kaixin001.com and kaixin.com three effective browsing time to maintain a rapid growth trend, the chain growth of more than 25%.




doesn’t talk about school fun this time. Talk about 51.com.

can be seen from Figure 1, 51 of the monthly coverage of 11.7%, in addition to QQ outside the social networking site ranked second, we can basically view this as its market share. However, figures two and three show that 51 of the effective browsing time is only 5.5%, ranked fourth, and this data from 08 years Q2 so far has not changed much.

What does



08 years Q2 happy 001 officially began to market, the next is to follow suit, the role of APP is pushed to the height of There was no parallel in history. is no exception, 51, not only the development of APP, but also open API protocol, the bonus mechanism enabled, stimulate other team for the 51 development of various types of APP application.

by 51 official data, at the end of 08, there should be at least 2 APP reached 6 digit number of users.

but the data on the picture tells us that all types of APP, known for their strong stickiness, are here at 51, and that’s not the case at all. Users, 50 million active users registered 140 million 51.com, compared with 22 million users on campus, actually there are so large data gap, it can only explain a problem: APP doesn’t make much contribution to what is 51.

next, of course, is the old "why" time?.

why? I don’t know, either.

The main users of the

campus are 18-24 year old students or graduates who have just left the campus, and 001 of the active users are 22-28 year old white-collar workers and users of this age group

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