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from the beginning to now called master of this title, I am only 4 months. Compared with many of the country’s natural knight, shame. However, the fungus (my name) has a lot of problems, when surfing on the Internet every day feeling tired, sleep is not easy to sleep (formerly said I lie down to sleep and sleep), when I wake up in the morning, almost no way to climb up, to work hard hard. Tough,


listened to a friend’s suggestion to the physical therapy center, and the result was a cervical spondylosis, dislocation of the muscles and bones, nerve compression… I’m scared a bunch of questions! Hanging crane for half an hour, and almost an hour to push the bone traction, finally comfortable many, but the doctor said, but also to ensure that such a situation for a month, that is to say, every day I will spend 30 dollars to do physical therapy, oh my mom: Oh, I do, has no job no income, I am a little old man, I almost cried. But there’s no way. It’s important,


may I say, you feel a bit exaggerated, only 4 months, ha ha, in fact, there are other reasons, such as my entire university every day, up 6 in the morning to play online games, play almost no class until 10 p.m.. Every day, the year round, so, especially in winter, that cold, but also adhere to, and had to admire myself.

did not regret, nor a recipe, webmaster friends, pay more attention to your body, the body is the capital of revolution, is our business in the future one day to enjoy the capital.

so, okay, don’t sit too long, almost, crooked neck crooked PP, drink less coffee, less stay in bed for too long, less smoking, less drinking, nothing to eat more vegetables and fruit, right now I exercise every day 3 push ups must be


ha ha, did not mention how to improve the collection, did not mention how to develop the site, did not mention how to profit, because I will not, I was 4 months when the webmaster, I am tired, I am sleepy.

is a Sanya talent recruitment paste board, Sanya rental housing for sale, paste board, Sanya self-help travel information and business edition. Although there are included, have 100 IP and more than 2000 PV every day, ha ha, but my PR is 0. I suck it ~ and I like cervical spondylosis

let me suck!

webmaster, what is the purpose of making money? Yes, that is not the same fungus, silly, body, bad! Okay, we travel to Sanya to find me ~ ha ~ I will do my best to arrange all arrangements comfortably, we should enjoy the owners enjoy. Relax ~Q to contact me: 365668585 or email: [email protected]


well, I’m not that noble. I’m an ordinary webmaster,.

I really want to promote my website, so I wrote this, by the way, my station: the first city

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