Analysis of why websites are frequently black

one, involving the hacker industry chain

is more popular before hanging black chain, because the previous results for the optimization of the black chain can also, but with the hit Baidu and security alliance and other platform of the black chain, now black station single hung black chain phenomenon has not much. At present, the black station after hanging bad information content mainly in the following two aspects:

(1) lottery Liuhe

1, show form 1: black chain form

on the site home page and the content page ZhengZhan hanging black chain, linked to a variety of gaming website (Liuhe lottery website is the most normal station column or home page was hacked into the gaming Liuhe lottery website).

2, show form two: news source form

through Baidu news search, can see clearly, average every day there are several news sources are black, hackers released gaming related information in the source of the news website through a variety of ways, let Baidu news sources included.

example: (Fuqing news network, 2014-11-05, 19:01:04)



3, show three forms: station has been tampered with


Baidu search keywords "gaming network", will find this a few points: first is a security alliance that most of the risk information, then the site itself is not a lot of gambling sites, but the formal school website, the company website, institution website, information portal, ZhengZhan tampering by hackers into gaming websites.

(two) false part-time

The same

false part form of cheating against false form and false reports of part-time part-time Kingsoft made reference exposure platform (

The intensity of

spread false part-time class no gambling Liuhe color class is so big, there was a time for hackers displayed on QQ V website, one by one attack, add part-time columns or directories on these websites, and then publish the web site information and part-time fraud by QQ. Through the security alliance real name authentication website, it conforms to the standard in the QQ dialogue display V, and display the security or authentication website in multiple browsers, when such sites were hung on the false part kind of information, a cheat, a lot of people thus deceived.

two, the site is easy to break the reason: website security related to each link is prone to loopholes.


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