From the media on the small Feng Dongyang Feng Yaozong against seemingly impossible odds boring sit

from the media, I recently wrote a lot, this article is Zhu Haitao recently on the media review of the last article. Write this title is not alarmist, is " " is based on the current situation, desperate every child; from the media group’s survival condition and the industry has some practical insights. 14 years to 15 years more active from the media, people bored, Feng Zongyao, Feng Dongyang, China, provinces and other levels may not be far from each other, why the final survival situation is so different. Even small, boring, such high-quality writers will sadly end, and other big wave from the media can be described as hopeless. Since the media, no matter how tall the concept, we only explore the media industry from the most authentic, most ground gas standards. Let those who indulge in this dazzling appellation smug self media people, a lot of their own hopeless situation, and find a way to survive. So here is the main writing Zhu Haitao do since the media so a period of time the most authentic feelings, hoping to give other people from the media a little inspiration, then this article is also a bit of value,


is not from the media, not enough to adhere to, but most of the dead on the road to persist,

a lot of people will think, give me ten years, I can also make a Moonlight blog and Lu Songsong blog like website. (PS: said, from the media or blog must not be able to bypass these two people, in addition, I wrote the article that day in August 21, 2015 is the birthday of Lu Songsong, I wish you a happy birthday.). There is no ground for it, and confidence without foundation is called arrogance. In my opinion, no matter what kind of media people you need, you need two kinds: professional quality and material support from the media for a long time. Let’s analyze the famous history of moonlight blog. William, the author of the Moonlight blog, usually lives a low profile, but the technical level is far above the average blogger. Technical articles of gold he wrote how high, I will not say. What I need to say is that although the Moonlight blog brings a lot of money to dragon William, dragon William himself has been working. He and I are partners in the IT industry. The job of the engineer gave him the biggest support for his long running blog. Another early name Bo Lu is loose while working as a blogger. So there is no income to do from the media is a very dangerous thing, from the media can be two days a day without income, but one year two years without income, no one can accept. So Zhu Haitao doesn’t recommend full-time work from the media, even though I’m working full-time. Finding the best way to do it, not the most radical way, is the best support for yourself.

from the media’s first priority is not original, but to make money

media competition is not better than anyone whose article, but who can earn money. Now, from the media or propaganda, do a lot of people from the media, but the industry is relatively well-known, there are indeed relatively few. Except moonlight, blogs and Lu Songsong blogs don’t count. The past two years in the industry are relatively well-known, active >

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