Made a fatal mistake in correcting the website

a company’s website was punished, so he opened a new website in order to save the old site of the company information copied the new station, did not expect this new station also received the same punishment. So today and share the lessons of failure:

some people feel strange, network promotion is not to promote their own companies? Why web information can not be the same? Then, for everyone to explain in detail.


to explain the concept of website promotion, website promotion is the promotion of various approaches to web site keywords as the core content, including search engine keyword bid ranking service, keyword search engine optimization services, any one kind of effective ways to promote the site no one is not along your web site keywords to start.

effective website promotion method of website optimization just cannot do without the external links of construction, when a new web site set up, the basis of poor conditions, such as the contents of a small, the PR value of the site is low, to exchange links with other sites more difficult, so most of the new website to submit some free love web site, and free B2B platform.

The name of your company website with careful use of website promotion process

said today in the name is mainly to the B2B platform, if your website promotion with the platform, you will find that when you enter your company name or the name of the site, in a row in the search engine is not your company’s website.

why? Because when you landed on the B2B platform, according to his registration information submitted the relevant information of the company, including the company name and the URL of the website, the B2B system platform will generate your free publicity page, the page is included when you fill in the information submitted data.

these B2B platforms have been optimized for web services, so their programs are more friendly to search engines. In a static page, you submit the company name to you by H1 or increase the font bold, and these B2B platform website operation for many years, their PR values are very high, very large proportion in the search engine. If you’ve logged in on these free B2B platforms during the website promotion process. The phenomenon that nobody wants.

that is, when your user enters your company name or website name, your own web site is not in the first place. The search for your company name or the name of your site is, by definition, very competitive, and your website is unique and the number one is no doubt about it. Well, who uses these words to search is usually your old user in search. Because of the use of the company name or website name, you are known to have such a company or web site to use such keywords to find you.

when users search for your company name or website name, at this time a large number of B2B platforms offer pages filled with search engines

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